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The Perfect Summer Glow: make your skin healthy radiant

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Everyone is excited for summer but there is an important topic that most of us forget to address, SKINCARE! and most importantly... That Summer GLOW!!!

In these hot humid months, we want our skin to look healthy so we can rock that healthy summer glow. After years of trial and error, I finally have a system established to create a healthy radiant everyday look!  Let’s be real, how many products do we invest in that do absolutely nothing or are extremely expensive?  Not only do I swear by this by seeing the results right before my eyes, but I constantly receive compliments on my skin, and I owe that all to my hard-core discipline and wonderful product selection.

May I add all of these products can be purchased at Ulta, which happens to be my favorite beauty spot.  I refer to Ulta the Home Depot for women!  You can shop there for the latest and greatest without breaking the bank. I want to share and encourage everyone to try my amazing Skincare product suggestions this summer and share them with your friends so we can all have that summer glow everyone wants.  Here's how to tackle this upcoming heatwave!

Pg 9 Rose Cleanser Mamonde - The Perfect Summer Glow: make your skin healthy radiantCleansing: Ladies this is important!  Stop using those makeup wipes as your primary makeup remover!  Those are good for taking off the first layer, but short cuts are never beneficial for having our skin at its highest potential!  My current favorite is Petal Spa Oil to Foam Cleanser by Korean Line Momande.  It leaves your skin looking plump and youthful.  It does not strip it dry and is great for all skin types.

Pg 9 Pixy Toner - The Perfect Summer Glow: make your skin healthy radiantToning: This is a necessary part of a beauty routine that many of us forget, don’t know of or simply skip.  This award-winning toner by Pixi Co (sold at Target Stores) exfoliates, acts as an extra cleanser to remove excess makeup left behind by cleansers and promises to minimize pores.  Pixi Glow is made with 5% glycolic acid- a naturally occurring substance that offers exfoliation, hydration and brightening properties.  I swear you need this in your skincare arsenal.

PG 9 Hyalauronic Acid Creme - The Perfect Summer Glow: make your skin healthy radiantHydration: I have so many clients that tell me they do not use moisturizer and it is seriously something that can cause us to speed up our aging process.  Everyone, including people with oily skin needs to hydrate their skin daily morning and night.  Please do not wait until the problem, wrinkles or hyperpigmentation are a problem.  Preventative care is the way to go!  My new fave Moisturizer is Hyaluronic Acid, Intensive Cream by COSRX.  This Hydrating Cream boosts moisture content in your skin.  Its texture is smooth and refreshing.  It feels like a quenching beverage filled with nourishing vitamins and amino acids.  It also aids in balancing your skin’s water and oil content.

SPF: All day every day! Did you know you should wear it even if you're not actually laying out by the pool or beach?  Many Skin Care problems occur on people who were never exposed to the sun.  We expose our skin to the sun the moment we step outside and into our cars.  We are directly being hit while driving.  It is a universal fact, and for that reason- make the effort to protect your skin.  My go to Sunscreen is Neutrogena Hydro boost Water Gel Lotion in SPF 50.  It delivers broad Spectrum, it is light like water, non-greasy and leaves no residue or white lines.  BONUS- It does not Clog pores!

Best of luck this Summer!  I am looking forward to sharing many more tips and tricks you can always reach me at my email below for appointments or you can reach me at 305-519-7505.


Isa Amezaga

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