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Cuban Beauty Tips and Secrets You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

These beauty tips and secrets are native to Cuban and Latino beauty practices and you’ll love them!

A woman with gorgeous wavy curls poses by the beach in a black and white photograph.

Have you ever wondered what the secret to lustrous, shiny curls is? Or how to get that rich, healthy complexion? What about the perfect pout? Cuban beauty secrets will help you get all of that and more, and these are some of the best things to do living in Miami.

Check out these beauty tips and give them a try because they’re definitely going to help you upgrade your beauty routine:

Hydrate your curls with some hair mayo

Hair mayo has some incredible properties, allowing you to hydrate your hair to the maximum. It’s perfect for curly, wavy hair, beach days, or when you’re back from traveling and want more TLC for your hair. Hair mayo or even regular mayo masks can be incredible for bringing back that luster and hydration, making your hair bouncy, fresh, and look incredible.

Make Vaseline your best friend for soft lips

A tin of petroleum jelly lip balm for great beauty tips for intense moisturizing effects.

If you’ve ever struggled with dry, flaky lips, Vaseline is going to be your best friend. You absolutely need some petroleum jelly to lock in that moisture and keep your lips looking soft, hydrated, and moisturized. With the fancy range of lip balms and products out there, it’s no surprise that this simple classic feels ineffective, but don’t knock it till you try it. It’s been used by Latinas for decades and remains a favorite.

Give your brows their moment to shine

Put those tweezers down and let your brows grow. Use some castor oil, coconut oil, and let your eyebrows come into their own. We’re still in the decade of the brow, but Cuban women have been there for even longer! Your brows can determine your entire look and so finding ways to make them flatter your face’s shape is a gamechanger.

Add olive oil to your general beauty routine

Olive oil is a godsend for so many purposes. You can use it as a moisturizer (in small quantities), as a way to hydrate your body and get that unbeatable sheen, using it to remove makeup, for massaging your hair and scalp, and so much else. It’s an excellent beauty essential that has been used in cultures across the world for centuries, and we can’t get enough of it either.

You can also use it as a shaving oil, so you’re not left with any dry patches or rough spots on your skin. Can it get any better?

Find the perfect red lipstick for your lips

Red lipstick is quintessential for the perfect beauty routine in general not just Cuban beauty tips. You’ll want to find a shade that screams perfection and gives you that perfect pout but also complements your skin tone, undertones and bolsters your confidence. Nothing says confidence like a red lip, and we certainly love how it works for formal, casual, daily wear, including work and when you really just want to feel good.

In the meantime, you can also get incredible Latina beauty tips and try out these Latina-owned beauty brands for an incredible range of products.

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