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7 Best Latino-owned Makeup Brands

Beauty, or belleza, is a term that most Latinas are quite familiar with, as for many Latinas beauty serves as a bonding ritual. Beauty tips and tricks have been passed down from generation to generation and today serve Latinas as an outlet of expression, a mode of empowerment, and a way of reclamation.  The Latin community’s inclination towards beauty can be seen by the fact that they drive many brands to create products that meet their beauty needs. However, while this has proven to be difficult in the past, the Latin community’s commitment to inclusion and diversity means that today, some of the best Latino-owned makeup brands are answering back. 

In this article, we put 7 of the best Latino-owned Makeup brands under the spotlight to celebrate how these Latin companies are leading the way in beauty today. 

1. Reina Rebelde 

Reina Rebelde is a bold and inclusive makeup line started by a former lawyer. From its best-selling red lipstick to its contour kit, Reina Rebelde is for confident and passionate women who don’t shy away from bold statements. 

2. Vive Cosmetics 

Vive Cosmetics has a tremendous array of lipsticks in vibrant packaging and shades made for every skin tone. Their customer favorite liquid lipstick, Selena Forever, provides long-lasting color and hydration. 

3. Rizos Curls 

Rizos Curls is a haircare line that targets curly, kinky, and textured hair. Each one of their products has hydrating ingredients like olive oil, shea butter, and aloe vera that are designed to give curly hair a tremendous natural shine and bounciness. Rizos Curls products are available at Target and ship to over 57 countries. 

4. Ari Rose Body Care 

Ari Rose is a plastic-free and sustainably source body care brand that develops products to support the natural health of the skin with highly nourishing formulas. Focusing on holistic body care and releasing the body’s harmful toxins, they created highly popular soap bars that are safe enough to use for sensitive skin.

5. Luna Magic Beauty 

Inspired by the music of the Caribbean, the hustle of New York City, the culture of Latin America, and the glamor of Los Angeles, Luna Magic Beauty was started by Afro-Latina sisters whose mission was to create high-performance and vibrant cosmetics. If you’re looking for a fun, flirty look, Luna Magic Beauty is the best Latino-owned beauty brand for you.

6. Gloryscent 

Gloryscent was created by a Dominican-born woman, Rafaela Gonzalez, to fight back against crippling beauty standards surrounding Latin skin and hair. More so, their skincare products are completely vegan and cruelty-free. Over time, Gonzalez has become an active voice against the beauty ideals that have harmed the Latin community for so many years. 

7. MicsMas Remix 

MicsMas Remix is an organic, handcrafted, and completely natural haircare brand that specializes in moisturizing curly, coily, kinky, and dreadlocked hair. The founder, Adassa Ramirez, uses her influence to celebrate Blackness and black features and highlights that there is no such thing as “pelo malo” (bad hair). Her products are made with raw, unrefined, non-GMO, sustainable, and organic ingredients with no harsh chemicals.

Of all the best Latino-owned beauty brands out there, the 7 included in this article are committed to celebrating Afro-Latin skin, hair, features, and beauty. What’s more, these best Latino-owned beauty brands are committed to creating organic and natural products that are not only safe to use, but also help to further the mission of Latin inclusivity and visibility. 

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