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Ranked: The 6 most iconic Miami legends

Celebrate Miami legends who have made an impact on pop culture or society in the city in one way or another

Miami is one of the most incredible cities in the world and has been home to some of the biggest superstars and Miami legends, both real and fictional.

Check out these Miami legends in no particular order

Sidney Poitier, actor and cinema legend

Sidney Poitier was one of the most legendary names in Hollywood. Although born in Miami in the 1920s, the actor did move to New York in his teens and went on to build a prolific career after an incredibly turbulent trajectory. He was an icon and paved the way for black actors in the country, going on to become the first African-American man to win an Oscar. Miami is honored to have been home to the first on our list of Miami legends known as Poitier and has also been his abode for several formative years.

Blanche Devereaux, The Golden Girls

Another of the Miami legends that we love and adore is Blanche Deveraux. The Southern belle was a sexual force to be reckoned with her liberated views on sex and sexuality, her accent, and her bright personality. She graced our screens for 8 years as this fantastic character, bringing wit, humor, and some of the best comedic scenes ever. Her character was the most promiscuous of the Golden Girls and could always be found flaunting a younger Miamian heart-throb on her arm.

Gloria Estefan, singer, performer restauranteur

Speaking of incredible, talented women, Miami was home to music legend and lead singer of the band Miami Sound Machine, Gloria Estefan. But she is so much more than a performer alone. She is also a restaurant owner, businesswoman, and a ball of talent that is one of the most popular Miami legends on our list.

Fire and smoke emitting due to intense speed and power.

Tony Montana, Scarface 

Who better to call the first man on our list of the Miami legends than the one, the only, Tony Montana? The character from Scarface is one of the most famous Cuban mobsters in the history of film and known for some iconic dialogues, fabulous on-screen presence, and a powerful storyline. It's no wonder that people can't get enough of him even decades after the film's release. He continues to inspire dozens of skits and impressions and generates a lot of traction through his screen presence.

Alex Rodriguez, athlete, businessman, and philanthropist

Alex Rodriguez is a star athlete and baseball legend who made a major impact on the sport as a shortstop and third baseman. In addition to all that, however, he is also one of the most successful businessmen and philanthropists. Rodriguez has lived in the Miami-Dade area for several years and continues to be an integral part of the community and the athlete of our Miami legends.

Brian O’Conner, 2 Fast 2 Furious 

Last but not least, there’s no way we could forget Brian O’Conner. The character from 2 Fast 2 Furious is one of the most beloved on-screen, and so is the actor who played him, Paul Walker. The agent turned master criminal and speed chaser was known for his big heart and incredible skill behind the wheel.

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