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4 Amazing Latinas That Making Waves in the Media

Celebrate these incredible Latinas who’ve been working in the media in various capacities and have multiple achievements

Latina women have been at the forefront of media and entertainment in various capacities and have continued to make us proud with their work and contributions. We’d like to celebrate some of these women and their incredible achievements and accomplishments and how they’re revolutionizing modern media as we know it.

Some of the most talented Latinas currently making headlines and trailblazing in media today include the following:

Gabriella Catano-Salinas

The young woman has already made headlines for her incredible performances in movies such as A Christmas Carol, Your Secret Admirer (2018), and Chateau Vato (2020), but in addition to that, she’s also a professional makeup artist, content creator, TV host, and more.

The multi-talented Latina is building a career, thriving professionally, and along with appearing on multiple TV shows, has her own beauty channels on YouTube. She produces content in both English and Spanish, making her one of many young Latinas who are reclaiming their culture and heritage in the media. Follow her on Instagram @gabriellacatano for more updates.

Arlyn Broche

Speaking of multi-talented media personalities, Arlyn Broche is a name that you’ve probably already heard of. This powerhouse multi-hyphenate Latina who’s also a mother of three, is working both on and off-screen to create space for more Latina media personalities.

She has quite an impressive portfolio and has already been a key member of various TV shows, including Gravesend and her upcoming role as Dani Garcia in Young Rock. Dubbed La Broche by her Latin fans and admirers, she also works with Areu Bros. Studios as their VP of Content. Areu Bros. is the largest Latin studio in the United States, making Broche a trailblazer for Latin actors and content creators out there.

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Adriana Catano

In the past three decades, Adriana Cataño has become a household name in the Latin community. The actress and television host is also an entrepreneur with her very own certified-cruelty-free and vegan beauty line, “Catano Beauty Inc.”

She continues to carve a niche for herself as a leader in the beauty and entertainment industry, also having the longest on-camera campaign run in the US Hispanic media as a representative and spokesperson. Catano has managed to stay the face of the Hispanic-run business, Rooms to Go for over 20 years.

Her other entrepreneurial pursuits include ownership of Somos La Revista Magazine since 2018 and an editorial role at Eventos Magazine since 2014, and runs a column “Orgullo Latino” in both. Much of this social media star’s work revolves around encouraging Latina entrepreneurship and supporting local talent.

Janie Flores

Janie Flores is another trailblazing Latina who runs the award-winnign podcast, Coast to Coast. Flores is a social entrepreneur, writer, political and economic commentator, and host who also founded Buena Vida Media.

Her podcast has been on air since 2017 and has featured some of the most illustrious talents, including business owners and executives, thinkers, politicians, and other public figures from across the nation.

Flores brings light and life to this show, which was also the only English-language submission to be in the final running for the exclusive Medallas de Cortez Radio Ink Awards 2019.

All of these women, along with many others, were recently honored by Jack Daniel’s at a Women’s History Month, where they were presented with awards. You can get more information about the event here.

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