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Having public figures represent your hometown is always a moment of pride. That’s why we’ve been beaming with joy over these top celebrities who have found a place in the hearts of every Miamian! 

Even with international exposure, these Miami celebrities always find their way back home and even pay tribute to the Magic City in their work!

Jennifer Lopez

There’s no way you can mention celebrities from Miami without thinking about singer, songwriter, actor, fashion designer, producer, dancer, and businesswoman, Jennifer Lopez!

The Miami-bound actress has never strayed too far from her roots and lives in Coral Gables with her fiancé, Alexander Rodriguez. In fact, as a testament to the appreciation Miami feels for her, the mayor Dan Gelber presented her with the keys to Miami Beach and named the day the pop singer turned 50, July 29th, 2019, as Jennifer Lopez Day! We can't imagine a more significant honor. 

Enrique Iglesias

Although born in Spain, the Spanish turned English singer Enrique Iglesias has made Miami his permanent residence among other celebrities since he moved to the US. 

Known for consistently topping the billboards and releasing international best-selling albums, the singer has referenced Miami in multiple songs. The most notable being Move to Miami, which he sang with another Miami resident, Pitbull! 

Pharrell Williams

Known for releasing one of the catchiest and fun-filled songs of 2013, Pharell Williams earned an international reputation for himself with his hit single ‘Happy.' 

While many speculate what drew the inspiration for his famed song, we believe a lot of it is due to him being a happy resident of Miami! He currently resides in one the most stunning penthouses in the heart of South Beach, consistently dominating the music scene and releasing amazing songs for everyone to jam to!

Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Although he is now known as one of the highest-paid actors and celebrities in all of Hollywood, The Rock has had an incredibly versatile career as a WWE Wrestler and even a soccer player right here in Miami!

Dwayne Johnson received a full-ride sports scholarship to Miami University, where he played as a defensive tackle. And if that wasn't impressive enough, he later went on to play for Miami Hurricanes national championship team in 1991! Although he no longer resides in Miami, he has left a significant impact on the city. 

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