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1 Colossal Tribute to Gloria and Emilio Estefan Unveiled in Little Havana

The giant mural of Gloria and Emilio Estefan is the latest in a series of efforts by the Kcüll Life Foundation to preserve Cuban American culture

Giant mural of Gloria and Emilio Estefan

On January 22, 2022, during an event in Miami’s Little Havana, a giant mural of Gloria and Emilio Estefan was revealed to a sizeable crowd containing locals and city officials. Although the Estefans were not present for the unveiling ceremony, their son, Nayib Estefan, daughter, Emily Estefan, and grandchildren were seen in attendance.

The power couple that defined Latin pop was also a de facto symbol of the budding Cuban American community during the 1980s, leading Kcüll Life Foundation to choose them to immortalize the small but vibrant Cuban American culture of Calle Ocho.

Kcüll Life Foundation Honors Local Art and Culture

The non-profit organization partnered with local artist Disem305 to paint the iconic mural of Gloria and Emilio Estefan as they looked in the ‘80s, which was a decade defined by roaring hits, such as “Can’t Stay Away From You” and “Here We Are”.

While the couple was out of town and unable to attend the unveiling ceremony, they did release a video message, thanking the non-profit, the artist who painted the mural, and the people of Calle Ocho, for their enduring love and support. They also gave heartfelt thanks to La Casa de Los Trucos for donating the wall on which the mural now stands.

The House of Costumes Proves Critical to the Endeavor

La Casa de Los Trucos or The House of Costumes, as it’s known to the English-speaking residents and tourists of Calle Ocho, is just another costume shop selling costumes, oddities, and accessories.

Last Saturday, the retail shop garnered widespread praise and received a note of thanks from Gloria and Emilio Estefan for donating the wall by their store. The store manager, Jorge Torres, was also attending the unveiling ceremony. He commented on the couple’s legacy and contribution to the community, calling it “incredible”.

A Non-Profit on a Very Specific Mission

The Kcüll Life Foundation aims to introduce emerging local artists in Miami directly to the consumer. The non-profit has stayed true to its mission by supporting Disem305 and letting the artist showcase their artwork in a very public ceremony in Little Havana.

The mural of Gloria and Emilio Estefan has also drawn the appreciation of Nayib Estefan, one of the ceremony’s star attendees, who talked to reporters about how he’s always seen his parents as a “big” presence and expressing how surreal it feels to have one of his parents’ peak years immortalized in art form.

The Kcüll Life Foundation also partnered up with local artist Miss Lushy on April 24, 2021, to pay a posthumous tribute to late Cuban American salsa artist Celia Cruz. The mural, also located in Little Havana, is a frequent destination stop on walking tours due to its eye-catching colors and Cruz’s iconic visuals.

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