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The Ultimate Miami Art Exhibits Guide

Miami art exhibits include galleries, museums, installations, and much much more

Miami's art exhibits are some of the most fantastic in the world, and there are several incredible locations that you can head to for an amazing experience. There are some of the most fascinating art exhibits all around town, including the following places that you can check out:

Wynwood Art Exhibits District

Wynwood Art Exhibits District is one of the most well-known and gorgeous spots in Miami. It's the ultimate place to head to for your daily dose of art exhibits and culture, and the highlight of this space is that it's almost entirely outdoors. It's a great spot for dates, tourist activities, and exploring all kinds of modern and contemporary artwork, giving you an amazing option to soak up some sunlight or enjoy the evening breeze and get going. You'll find some incredible murals, installations, and wonderful art tours that you can join. There are plenty of free attractions as well as paid installations that you can check out around the area, but it helps to plan ahead of time and make a day of it.

A wall mural in the Wynwood district featuring faces.

Perez Art Museum Miami

The Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) is another incredible location right in the heart of Miami. The museum is famed for its collection of Latin American art and features some of the most iconic, innovative, and creative work in the market. Their installations are beloved by thousands as people flock to visit the museum, which in itself is a work of art. It's home to some incredible, timeless artwork and sculptures, as well as some of the most beautiful waterfront steps that will take your breath away.

The steps are also one of the most popular locations for other art and culture events, including indie shows, performances, drag, musical performances, and general socializing. It's a great place to catch a show or just hang out and get your fill of incredible art.

A person poses on a chair during a live art installation.

Museum of Contemporary Art

The MOCA is another excellent option for anyone looking to enjoy an intimate space, a stunning collection of artwork, and more interactive options. They have amassed over 400 works since their launch in 1995 and were one of the pathfinders among South Florida collecting museums. The gallery is set up to be cozy and intimate and bring the artwork to focus more than anything. You can also stop by for their monthly Jazz Night and other intimate events they host at the museum if you're looking for something fun to do!

Lowe Art Museum

This museum belongs to the University of Miami and, while small, is home to an amazing collection of work. The museum was founded in 1950 and was Miami's very first art museum. Their sculpture garden is their main attraction. It has some of the most beautiful sculptures and installations, making it the perfect place to head to when you want some art, fresh air, and a walk down memory lane. What started out as a museum space in three classrooms on the University of Miami campus is one of the most intimate contemporary art spaces in the city today and definitely worth a visit.

A gallery with colored walls and paintings mounted on them.

Rubell Museum

Rubell Museum was initially a privately-owned family collection and has continued to evolve and grow over the last few decades. It's a highly sought-after art space and considered exclusive, so it's an amazing opportunity if you get to visit. The museum just moved from its former home in  Wynwood to a sprawling warehouse space in Allapattah, which was converted specifically for the museum. They have 48 exhibitions, including paintings, sculptures, photography, moving pictures, and mixed media handpicked and curated from a whopping 7,200 works. Their works have been created by over 1,000 artists.

Miami's art scene is thriving, and you can find some type of exhibit based on your interests. Superblue Miami also recently opened, and Beyond Monet, a temporary interactive installation, is just getting ready to wrap up.

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