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A brief guide to Wynwood


Towards the north of downtown Miami is Wynwood. It was once known as a gutsy district famous for its art galleries. But like every artsy neighborhood in a big city such as Miami, Wynwood has seen its fair share of changes. These drastic changes have transformed Wynwood into a neighborhood that is popular for a lot more than just its artistic prowess, and now, you can never run out of things to do in Wynwood.

Wynwood is now one of Miami’s most enticing stretches. It has bustling restaurants and a thriving shopping scene that makes visitors come back wanting more. The people aren’t any different, too. Think rappers, hipsters or artists – all kinds of people can be found in the streets of Wynwood. 

A small trip around four blocks will expose you to some of the best food Miami has to offer and introduce you to the most amazing boutiques in the city. However, if you’re visiting Wynwood for the first time, a guide like this one might help you understand what the neighborhood has to offer. 

Here are some of the most interesting things to do in Wynwood.

  • Coyo Taco

Famously known as one of the busiest spots for a Taco in Wynwood, this fast-food multi-cultural restaurant has been a favorite of the locals from the first day it started doing business. One of the common reasons this restaurant became so popular with the public was because of its decision to use humanely raised meats for their food. 

They’re also keen on including seasonal vegetables in their menus. It is also worth noting that the tortilla cart at this joint is of paramount importance. A tortillera is working at all times, making over 1,000 tortillas in a single day!

  • No. 3 Social

A rooftop cocktail bar almost seems like a rarity in a neighborhood like Wynwood. But just like you, we’re glad it exists! This bar can provide scintillating views of downtown Miami while you enjoy a cocktail that oozes expertise. They sometimes use out-of-the-box ingredients like collagen, or a crème do coco that is made in house. 

The constantly hopping live music, the one-bites constantly available around the bar and the overall ambiance of the place makes it one of the best places to spend your weekend at in Wynwood.  

  • Suite Habana Café

The Suite Habana Café is a classical, Cuban-inspired coffee shop that has counter seating and a comfortable and small lounge. You can come either for a quick caffeine punch or to catch up with a friend, either way – we can assure you the experience will be amazing. The fast-casual breakfast on the menu has croquettes (the hams ones are the best!) and pastellitos (guava is to die for). 

The owner of this place is an embodiment of the overall vibe. She and her staff share a never-ending love for good coffee. 

If you still think there aren’t many things to do in Wynwood – visit the neighborhood for yourself and be mesmerized by what it has to offer!

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