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Amazing Little Havana Miami restaurants

Little Havana Miami restaurants you can check out when your thinking of heading on over

Little Havana is the place you want to head to for one of the best culinary experiences in Miami. It’s one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods you will come across, and that means a wide variety of food to experience. You will find all types of cuisine here, from Thai to Venezuelan, but today, we’re focusing on the Cuban flavors Little Havana Miami restaurants have to offer you! 

Versailles Restaurant Cuban Cuisine

Established back in 1971, Versailles Restaurant Cuban Cuisine claims to be the “World’s most famous Cuban restaurant.” Not only is it one of many Little Havana Miami restaurants but its also hard to miss this amazing establishment located on 8th Street. It’s an iconic place to visit and a popular one with tourists. Whether you’re here for a quick snack of croquettas or planning on having a whole meal, this restaurant won’t disappoint! They are known for their comfort food and it can easily become one of your favorite spots to eat. 

La Camaronera Seafood Joint and Fish Market

The La Camaronera Seafood Joint and Fish Market first began as a simple fish market where fish was sold in large quantities. However, over the years this area became more famous for the iconic fish sandwich. A trip to this fish market would be incomplete without grabbing a mouthwatering fish sandwich. 

This sandwich is prepared with Cuban bread and the freshest snapper you have ever tasted. It’s seasoned with traditional Cuban flavors and has become the restaurant’s most popular dish. Their menu also includes oysters, calamari, corvina fillets, and other premium seafood too. 

El Rey De Las Fritas

Your experience of Cuban food is incomplete without mentioning a "frita" which you can enjoy at this excellent example of Little Havana Miami restaurants. El Rey De Las Fritas claims to be the original frita. A frita is essentially a Cuban burger prepared with seasoned ground beef and pork patty. Shoestring potatoes are added to the burger for that added layer of texture and flavor. The frita at El Rey De Las Fritas is an explosion of flavor you don’t want to miss.

Sanguich De Miami

Sanguich De Miami is a unique culinary experience. Everything on their menu is prepared in-house, from the protein to the vegies and herbs used to prepare the food. It’s no wonder the food here has so much flavor and freshness. A popular dish to try here is the classic Cuban sandwich that includes ham, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and pork on Cuban bread. Their menu also includes plantain fries and a variety of other sandwich flavors to try.  

Sala’o Cuban Restaurant & Bar

Sala’o is a must-visit Cuban restaurant & bar located in Little Havana. It’s got a unique Ernest Hemingway theme with a distinct menu that sets it apart from other Cuban eateries in the area. The popular restaurant is best known for its exquisite seafood that includes oysters in shot glasses, fried glass minnows, pickled fried swordfish, and other exciting options. 

If you love seafood, head to Sala’o today!

Experience Little Havana Miami restaurants whenever you’re visiting next. Book a table at any of these restaurants to decide whether they are worth the hype.  

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