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Things to do in Brickell

Brickell, Miami

Searching for fun things to do in Brickell? Get in line! Many people are now beginning to show interest in the financial district to understand what all of these tall skyscrapers stand for. To your surprise – quite a lot! 

“The boring business region” is a claim by Miamians as a huge roster of brilliant restaurants that has started to gain traction in the area nowadays. Buzzing drinking joints and the vibe of the big city is what makes Brickell distinct from any other neighborhood in Miami. In this part of the city, everything is glamorous and exciting. 

While Brickell reaches for the clouds, the residents are still trying to make sense of a neighborhood that has been misunderstood for the longest of times. 

“But what’s in it for me?”

We thought you’d never ask. Even though this list has some of the best things to do in Brickell – it isn’t ranked. 

Choosing favorites in Brickell is tough!

  • Brickell City Centre

A flashy retail center where you can chomp your way down into bankruptcy and spend a day having the time of your life. Brickell City Centre has something for every member of the family. Saying it is impressive would be an understatement because a stroll at this spot is one of the best things to do in Brickell. 

For some people, the City Centre is the crown jewel of the district. Not only does it have mouth-watering food, but it also has some amazing shopping experiences, too. There’s also a massive Italian hall for food that gives you a taste of a different culture as well. 

  • La Mar

In our honest opinion, La Mar is one of the best restaurants in Miami and that’s saying something. Chef Gastón Acurio will serve you a breath-taking combination of Peruvian dishes and seasonal ingredients that will leave your taste buds wanting for more. Apart from the amazing food you can get at La Mar you can also experience Brickell Key. 

It is a tiny island which is just one bridge away from the outskirts of Brickell. And take our advice on the matter – whenever you get the chance to visit an island no matter how small, don’t let it go!

  • Soccer Rooftop

A pair of studded boots on a chilly winter night is something that is hard to ignore. It can feel even more amazing when you get to experience this feeling on wet turf while you’re in Brickell. If you’re craving this experience, gather some of your friends and make your way to the Soccer Rooftop in Brickell. 

You can easily play six vs. six or stop by for the weekly games that happen ever so frequently. Miami has a craze for soccer, and you should definitely brush up on your game since David Beckham has brought the sport to the city in full swing. 

There are several other things to do in Brickell that deserve a mention on this list but that is it for today! Make your way to Brickell today and absorb the vibe of the city completely!

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