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5 Little Havana Restaurants to Check Out in 2022

Head to these budget-friendly Little Havana restaurants to have a great time

Little Havana has various budget-friendly restaurants with incredible offerings and menus that will leave you feeling full, happy, and mind-blown by how great their food is.

If you haven't had a chance to visit some of these eateries, 2022 is the year to do so. Here are some of our top picks for Little Havana restaurants that are affordable yet offer an excellent range of options:

Olds Havana Cuban Bar and Cocina

Serving authentic, mouthwatering Cuban cuisine is a one of our favorite Little Havana restaurants, Old's Havana has been a favorite for many years. They have some of the most incredible authentic Cuban food options and drinks, including classic Cuban sandwiches, some delicious rum and Coke, and a lot more items that are impossible not to try.

It's also great in terms of ambiance and pricing, giving you plenty of filling options that won't leave your wallet empty. Any time you're on the hunt for some great food, a gorgeous ambiance, and an affordable price range, Old's Havana is the ultimate spot.

Pastelmania Bakery

Perfect for stopping by and grabbing light and easy-to-eat sandwiches, empanadas, and other options that you can carry around with you, Pastelmania Bakery is the ideal quick stop. It's not like the rest of the Little Havana restaurants we mention here but you can eat and it’s conveniently located, easily accessible, and offering a wide range of snacks, meals, and delicacies,. It's one of the perfect places to head to for a great mid-day snack or a quick lunch or dinner.

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Fritanga Cana Brava

There's no way your mouth won't water thinking about the delicious carne asada, or the Puerco Asado, or any of their other menu items. Fritanga Cana Brava specializes in different cuisines, offering Cuban food and Nicaraguan food options. Their focus, however, is Nicaraguan cuisine, making it the ultimate choice for when you want a hearty, wholesome, flavorful meal in one of the many Little Havana restaurants. The best part is that their food and drinks are quick, affordable, and incredibly accessible. Check out their website to see what else they serve.

La Camaronera Seafood Joint and Fish Market

How can any list be complete without this local treasure? The La Camaronera Seafood Joint and Fish Market is where you'll find arguably the best fish sandwich in Miami, given that they have some of the most delicious, fresh dishes on the menu. It's the place you go to satisfy your seafood cravings, enjoying authentic flavors, incredible technique, and a wholesome vibe. It's no surprise they've managed to become so successful over the years, growing from a stand and marketplace to a full-fledged restaurant.

Taquerias El Mexicano

Also known as Calle Ocho Tacos, Taquerias El Mexicano is Little Havana's favorite Mexican food joint. Not only is it very affordably priced, but it's also got food that is bursting with flavor, texture, complexity, and authenticity. Enjoy tacos, nachos, quesadillas, the freshest guac and chips, and so much more it's impossible to choose from. Take a look at their menu and head on over ASAP!

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