Best Places to visit in Miami on a Budget

Wanna know the best places to visit in Miami while you are in town?

Here’s our guide for all the fun things to do in Miami and the best places to visit in Miami, while cutting corners!

Hit the Beach

When thinking of the best places to visit in Miami is it really a trip to Miami if you don’t spend your day lounging under the sun on the South Coast? Punctuated with free access beaches, get the full Miami experience by spending your day under the sun. One of the best places to visit in Miami is the vibrant Haulover Park, Surfside, and South Beach; they’re full of all types of people and all types of bars! 

However, due to COVID-19 restrictions, there are rules to follow. These include limitations on alcohol sales, mandatory masks, and social distancing guidelines.

Munch on Good Food

If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars eating at fancy South Beach restaurants, we suggest you make your way toward restaurants with equally delicious food at lower prices. 

If you're in the mood for some Cuban food, one of the best places to visit in Miami is Puerto Sagua, or if you want authentic Hawaiian food, visit Tap Tap. Lime Fresh Mexican Grill is an excellent place for some lip-smacking tacos and a cold beer, and at La Sandwicherie, you'll find crowds of peoples lingering on the roads for some decadent French sandwiches at the lowest prices.

Visit Art Museums

If you want a family-friendly activity, visit Miami’s vibrant art exhibits. The Perez Art Museum, once known as the Miami Art Museum, offers free guided art tours at different timings. With over 2,000 works of art on display, there's a lot on offer.

You can also take a guided art tour at 6:30 pm at Miami Design Preservation League if you’re looking to explore Miami’s art scene at night. Additionally, on the second Saturday of each month and one of the best places to visit in Miami where locals and tourists gather is Wynwood for the Wynwood Art Walk. You'll have access to hundreds of shops, boutiques, bars, restaurants, and art galleries after hours for an authentic Miami experience! 

Explore Art Deco District

Explore Miami's South Beach Art Deco District and take in some beautiful architecture. You'll find historic buildings along Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue, and Washington Avenue at the Art Deco district.

A style that originated in the 1920s, Art Deco is characterized by geometrical shapes, intricate detailing, and bright colors. Miami's vibrant Art Deco buildings have featured in numerous blockbuster Hollywood movies, such as The Birdcage and Scarface. Some of the most popular spots in this district include Clevelander Hotel, Gianni Versace’s Villa Casa Casuarina, and Delano South Beach, one of Miami's tallest buildings which attract a host of A-list celebrities.

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