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6 cool places for gluten free food in Miami

Gluten free food in Miami isn't as inaccessible as you thought, thanks to these amazing restaurants

A lot of people avoid gluten for various reasons, including health conditions like Celiac disease and related dietary restrictions, as well as lifestyle choices. It can be hard to find food options that cater to this limitation, but it's not all gloom and doom. There are plenty of amazing options around Miami, where you can find gluten free food.

Some of them are your regular mom-and-pop joints, while others offer fine dining as well, providing customers with plenty of choices for gluten-free meals. Here are some of our picks out of many:

1. The Chocolate Chip Bakery

The Chocolate Chip Bakery is one of the city's most well-loved gluten free and vegan establishments. They have a completely gluten free menu, which includes a range of desserts, drinks, and mains that can be enjoyed without a worry. They offer an amazing range of options such as brownies, cookies, sandwiches and toast, gluten free bread and loaves that you can purchase, and so much more.

2. Plant Miami

As the name suggests, Plant Miami takes a plant-based approach to food and products, offering customers kosher, vegan, and gluten free food options. They have markets where customers can head to for 'conscious cuisine' that never compromises on taste and flavor. Their popular menu items are made of organic produce and ethically grown food in a gorgeous restaurant that overlooks a guava grove and beautiful pond.

3. Le Jardinier

The restaurant was awarded 1 Michelin Star recently, and rightfully so. They have an excellent range of cuisines and foods that are going to tantalize your tastebuds, following a French technique. You'd be surprised to learn that they offer an extensive range of gluten free bread and loaves that can be enjoyed guilt and worry-free. The amazing bread baskets are gluten free and come in various textures and flavors. Take a look at their menus here and plan out your next meal with them today.

A deliciously hearty quinoa bowl with vegetables on the side.

4. Harry's Pizzeria

Gluten-free pizza? Yes, please! Many people who go gluten-free are worried that they'll have to say goodbye to their favorite foods forever, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, Harry's Pizzeria has some of the best pizza in town, and it's totally safe to eat if you avoid gluten. They also have an amazing range of flavors to choose from, including classics including cheese and margarita, short rib and pesto, and more. Each flavor is a treat on its own.

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5. Jar + Fork Miami

Jar + Fork Miami is an excellent place for the perfect gluten-free dessert fix. Their menu items include mouthwatering burgers and salads, among other options, as well as some of the best gluten-free desserts out there. Treat yourself to a delicious vegan wrap and some juice, and top that off with a gluten-free cookie for the perfect meal!

6. The Salty Donut

The Salty Donut deserves a shoutout too. With some amazingly innovative flavors such as hot chocolate and sweet potato pies, they have wonderful gluten-free desserts that will never leave you empty-handed or your sweet tooth unmet.

Treat yourself to the most incredible food in town by heading over to these local options. We're sharing some of our top picks for different foods, cuisines, and desserts from all across Miami, and you can stay tuned to all that and more when you subscribe to our news publication.

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