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Dangerous Foods for Your Skin

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Some of the most delicious foods could be the worst for your skin.

Gluten-rich foods

Bread, pasta, cakes, pizza, pastries and even beer should be avoid for a better skin. Gluten can produce inflammation in our bodies due to intolerance or the sensitivity will show up on the skin too as bumps, rashes and irritation.

Dairy products

Even if we talk about milk, yogurt, cheese or ice cream we talk about hormones which can cause a large variety of health issues such as acne, high level of estrogen, mucus forming and inflammation. Usually cows are treated with hormones so they can give milk all year long. Beside this, many dairy products contain added sugar which again is bad for skin. So when you are at shopping, be sure you choose hormone-free diary or organic products.


Coffee is a great assist in waking us up in the morning. Although it is important to balance our coffee with a glass of water as well. The reason for this is because coffee acts as a diuretic and it is important to add back the hydration with a glass of water. Furthermore caffeine leads to a high levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) which it its known that accelerates the ageing process of our skin.

Food colorings, artificial sweeteners and flavourings

Let’s take aspartame for example it’s an artificial sweetener found in chewing gum diet drinks, chocolate, candies and so on. These kind of substances have no nutritional value and they can also cause inflammation and histamine reactions (allergic response). Also chemicals like these are stored by our body in the tissues.


After a long Saturday night, you wake up with a hangover and dried out skin. Whenever you have more than a few drinks, dried out skin has a good chance of taking place. To help you in these cases, you should first wash your face and instantly add a moisturizer. You could also try pressing a compress whole milk under your eyes when you look puffy because the proteins in whole-fat milk help bring down bags.

Fried foods and hydrogenated fats

Cooking oil at high temperature it will oxidize and it becomes toxic for the body causing heart disease and poor circulation of the blood. Since the skin requires a healthy circulation so that the nutrients and oxygen can reach the skin cells, you better put down those french fries.

Salty foods

The sodium found in salt can lead to tissue swelling due to the water retention caused by the dehydration. This way your skin will lose it’s elasticity and you’ll “gain” a sagging look.

What you can do to replace all these bad foods is to add more vegetables and fruits in your diet such as carrots, tomatoes, oranges, peaches, bell peppers, spinach and other green leaf vegetables, blueberries, fish rich in Omega 3 like salmon and mackerel, and don’t forget the peas, lentil and beans.

For better skin, and easier days, avoid these terrible and unhealthy foods for your skin. It’ll be difficult, but worth the while! Good luck!

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