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5 Charming Latin-fusion restaurants in Miami

Whether you're going for a girls' night out or dinner with your better half, these Latin-fusion restaurants in Miami are worth visiting

Miami is recognized for being a hub of Latin culture, and the restaurants in Miami present this culture on a plate. When Latin cuisine meets American, Peruvian, or Asian flavors, delicious fusion food is born. Our list features some of the best Latin-fusion restaurants in the Magic City that will surely delight and excite you!

Ready? Set? Let's start eating some Latin-fusion restaurants!


Chef Michael Beltran's Ariete, which earned a Michelin star, and other accolades, offers a splendid New American cuisine with the perfect Cuban twist in the core of Coconut Grove.

Ariete's menu changes every season, and Beltran emphasizes incorporating fresh seasonal ingredients for every dish. The Cave, located beneath Ariete, is a private venue for intimate gatherings or events.

The restaurant has an indoor-outdoor dining layout, with a patio that overlooks Coconut Grove's lush greenery. Guests come to Ariete for its popular weekend brunch and, of course, Beltran's monthly tasting series—Versos Sencillos.

Jaguar Restaurant

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If you're looking for the freshest Latin cuisine in Coconut Grove, Jaguar Restaurant will top the list. The talented Chef Oscar del Rivero runs this elegant and casual Latin-fusion restaurant in Miami.

Chef Oscar del Rivero's Signature Ceviches always provide a deliciously traditional flavor of Latin America. Jaguar's menu has just been updated with over 12 new dishes, including Fried Rice Chaufa with rich Latin flavor and a fried egg and Moqueca da Camarao with fresh shrimp in a tomato stew.

Among Jaguar's extensive cocktail menu, the Signature Mezcaltini impeccably complements every meal served by this restaurant in Miami. There are also boutique wines from Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and Brazil.

La Boulangerie Boul’Mich

La Boulangerie Boul'Mich's artisanal bakery and restaurant offer the best of both worlds with Latin and French flavors. Traditional Eggs Benedict, Croque Madame "Our Style," and Greek Avocado Toast are part of their all-day breakfast section. This restaurant in Miami also offers some delicious baked gourmet goods, including empanadas, macarons, croissants, tequenos, Pan De Bono, and alfajor.

For those craving the perfect lunch, La Boulangerie Boul' Mich offers scrumptious pasta and French-style sandwiches. Don't forget to order tinto de verano and mimosas with these dishes.

Guests can enjoy the flavors of La Boulangerie Boul' Mich at home by purchasing frozen foods such as soups and pastries.

Phuc Yea

In Miami's Upper East Side, Phuc Yea offers an unrivaled blend of Latin, Vietnamese, and Asian-inspired cuisine. This unique blend of cultures is credited to Aniece Meinhold's Vietnamese heritage and Chef/Owner Cesar Zapata's Latin roots.

The restaurant began as one of the first pop-up concepts in 2011 before becoming a brick-and-mortar restaurant in 2016. The stars of this Asian fusion restaurant are shareable, bold dishes centered on seafood that feature family recipes.

Mehzcla at The Balfour Hotel

Mehzcla combines a wide range of Latin American culinary influences seamlessly. The design of the restaurant includes outdoor seating offering a view of the iconic Ocean Drive, a dining room with an original marble fireplace, and a wrap-around terrace.

The design creates a lively social space essential to the Balfour Hotel. The property features plush furniture and tropical prints. When discussing food, there are options for every meal of the day! This restaurant in Miami will offer the best of both worlds—a great ambiance and appetizing Latin fusion food.

Miami is popular for dining spots suitable for everyone, including foodies, families, and more. From Cuban to Latin-fusion restaurants and recommendations to guides and other information, you'll find them all at Calle Ocho news.

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