3 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Weekend Getaway in Miami

As we finally extricate ourselves from the firm grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s time to start making plans so why not a weekend getaway in Miami, mini trips, and month-long vacations! 

If you’re starting off slow, you’ve probably chosen a weekend getaway. This is the perfect trip style after a year-and-a-half of social distancing. You’ll be able to gradually dip your toes back into the vacation waters without going all out at once. 

As you start planning the ultimate weekend getaway in Miami, make sure you plan like a seasoned pro. Need help? We’ve got you covered. Continue reading for a closer look at our favorite planning tips for weekend trips to Miami.

1. Don’t leave things until the last minute

More often than not, people feel compelled to start finalizing their trip in the last few days. We get it. You may feel too tired and overworked to start planning everything in advance. In fact, it’s also possible that you simply don’t have time to stress about every detail beforehand. 

While leaving things until the last minute may not sound like a bad idea (especially if you’re planning a brief weekend trip), it can backfire. No matter how short your stay may be, you should have everything figured out well in advance. 

If you wait until the last few days, you’ll feel more stressed out and overwhelmed. You’ll also fail to carefully select the right activities for your trip. 

No matter how busy you may think you are, make time for trip planning. This is imperative! Assiduously plan the right adventures and activities beforehand to do justice to your trip. 

2. Prioritize relaxation alongside adventure

As you head to Miami, make sure you don’t prioritize adventure and sideline relaxation. Many travelers plan a bunch of exciting activities like kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, etc. Towards the end of their trip, they start aching for a day of relaxation. 

Remember, recharging after a fun trip is critical. Instead of recharging once you’re back home, we recommend planning a relaxing picnic or spa day in Miami. 

Miami has so much to offer in terms of relaxation and serenity. Make the most of it! Head to The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Lapis Spa, or Tierra Santa Healing House

You can also skip a massage and simply opt for a relaxing day at the local park or beach. Either way, a soothing and calming day will help you feel revitalized.

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