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Yoga House Miami invites you to Stretch & Breathe

Stretch & Breathe is a free class provided by Yoga House Miami that will help you relieve body aches and increase flexibility

Each Monday at 12:30 p.m., Yoga House Miami hosts Stretch & Breathe. This a free class made to relieve body pain and increase flexibility. Will Thomas is the creator of Stretch & Breathe and the studio owner at Yoga House Miami. The stretching poses are particularly great for back, shoulder, and hip pain.

Stretch & Breathe was born when Thomas participated in Bikram yoga. This form of yoga requires a big room, heated to 105 degrees and 40 percent humidity. But his kids’ carpooling schedule began to interfere with his Bikram yoga practice. As a result, Thomas realized that he could take part in the practice at home. 

In doing the work at home, Thomas took notice of how much quicker he was feeling better and more flexible. This is when he realized at-home stretching would be a great aspect to bring to Yoga House Miami. Thomas added breathing when a student noted that she could build internal heat with deep breathing. 

Will Thomas

When the two aspects came together, Thomas found that this was a perfect at-home practice. This remained true when COVID-19 hit. 

So far, Thomas has had participants from London, New Jersey, and Bogota. All note that their body pain has been significantly relieved.

What is perfect about this practice is that it can be done from anywhere, according to Thomas. Participants can do it in their own space where they are comfortable. It is also for anyone, regardless of flexibility levels or injuries. This is because stretching is about feeling, so if you are feeling something, you are doing it right. 

People tend to overlook stretching because they don’t know how to do it effectively. Thomas notes that having a routine is helpful. It is more effective and is easy to keep track of how each body part feels in response to each move. 

“Stretching is cool because it’s three things at once: as soon as you create that stretch feeling, you're getting 1) improved range of motion and circulation to that area, 2) new muscles activated, and 3) your brain deeply connected to that part of your body.”  

Will Thomas

For access to this free class, email Visit @yogahousemiami on Instagram to keep up with the latest classes. 

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