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Yoga House Miami on “Stretching equals strengthening”

Will Thomas Hot Yoga Miami

A YouTube video posted by Yoga House Miami explains why stretching is an important part of making you feel better and stronger

Will Thomas, a teacher at Yoga House Miami, posted an informative video about stretching practices on the Yoga House Miami YouTube page. Thomas told his story, explaining that he used to be all about yoga practices, but after 20 years, he has converted his practice into a focus on stretching. 

At age 50, Thomas feels better than he ever has, experiencing virtually no aches and pains daily. However, when he does get any pains, stretching practice provides him with a plan to combat it. Stretching gives him positive muscle response, control and definition, as well as peace of mind all of which he says you can have as well through the same practice. 

In contrast to yoga, Thomas notes that stretching is about the feelings you get as you practice it, not the shape or look of the pose. Thus, there is no such thing as not being able to do the pose, because all you are focusing on is making a new feeling somewhere in your body where you don’t usually get that sensation. 

“It is minor things, like stretching your fingers out as far out as possible or raising your eyebrows up as far as possible until you feel it moving a part of your body that creates a new therapeutic movement,” said Thomas. 

He continues, adding that stretching practice is not about endurance, intense cardio, or calorie burn. It is about feelings and organizing those feelings in a way that makes your body feel better. All it takes is light engagement and high repetition, and you will feel and see the difference. 

Part of feeling the difference is strengthening your brain-to-body connection. This means improving balance to prevent wobbling when standing on one leg and deeper breathing that will keep you calm. 

“Stretching is your brain thanking your muscles for temporarily holding stress away from the brain,” said Thomas. 

To participate in the stretching practice, visit Yoga House Miami 

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