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5 ideas for what to wear to a summer rooftop party in Miami

Celebrate summertime in Miami with these amazing outfit ideas for what to wear that you can style in your own way

Summer in Miami is the perfect time for rooftop parties and all kinds of social activities. It’s the perfect time of the year to experiment with your look and try out new outfit ideas as you party in Miami.

Here are some of our favorite ideas and tips on what to wear to your next rooftop party in Miami:

The quintessential summer dress is a must-have

Nothing says rooftop party like a summer dress. Printed, plain, midi, maxi, mini, you name it—there’s a dress out there that’s perfect for a fun rooftop hangout. When considering what to wear try a flowy, breathable, and comfortable, summer dress for a great low-effort looks that also look very dressed up. Pair them with some accessories such as a cute hat, necklaces, or a scarf, and you have the ultimate look.

Casual t-shirt, shorts, and a summery cardigan

Since boho-chic is back with a bang, now’s the time to pull out your favorite denim cut-offs and lay them with a comfortable, casual t-shirt or tank top, elevating the entire look with a summery cardigan or shrug. Think flowy fabrics like net, chiffon, or georgette, or an oversized button-down with the front undone, so it doubles as a cardigan. It’s simple yet looks a lot more put-together than you realize and gives you that boho-chic party look that you can experiment with all summer long.

Slide into your favorite summery jumpsuit

Since we’re all about that summertime fashion and what to wear that are also comfortable looks for rooftop parties, jumpsuits are a must-have wardrobe item. Play with prints, colors, and cuts, choosing form-fitting jumpsuits or those with more flow and shifting to them. Jumpsuits work on nearly all body types and sizes and give anyone a sophisticated, sexy, yet playful vibe.

Two men greeting each other dressed in comfortable but stylish outfits.

Men can wear a simple tee and dressier pants

Don’t worry; we’ve got some fashion advice for men too! A great look for a casual rooftop party is to wear a simple tee with dressier pants, such as khakis, cotton shorts, etc. The combination of a casual shirt with fancier pants will give you a laid-back yet put-together look in no time.

Alternatively, when considering what to wear a dressier shirt such as a cotton or linen button-down with jeans or shorts. It’s a good look for a party without having you look too uptight or formal or too messy and unkempt.

Add a pop of color to your otherwise simple look

You can stick to practically any look or outfit for a party so long as there is a pop of color tying it all together. Bright, bold colors such as neons, pastels, and funky prints and patterns are now all the rage, and you can experiment with them at your next party. When deciding what to wear try out a color you wouldn’t normally wear, or add an accessory that lends a hue to your outfit, and it’ll instantly look dressier.

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