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Spring Fashion Trends for 2022

Spring means a fresh new start and endless possibilities for experimenting with fashion and style. It’s the perfect time to kick off the season with some new spring fashion trends and try some styling tips and tricks that will make you look incredible.

Miami’s quickly going on to become the fashion capital of the world, so why wouldn’t you want to upgrade your style game? Here’s what’s hot and en-vogue for this season and an absolute must-try for you:

Oversized clothing is hot again

You’re not the only one tired of seeing tight-fitted tops and snug clothes everywhere. Fortunately, this year we see the return of baggy, oversized clothing for spring. While oversized clothing works for winterwear or beachwear, it’s not always considered fashion-forward in everyday life. However, this season, it’s cool to get new shirts and tops in a couple of sizes bigger for that dreamy, resort-like appeal. Stripes, patterns, and other prints are all the rage, as are plainer fabrics and solid colors when it comes to larger clothing.

Platform shoes are having their moment

If you thought the return of bell-bottoms was it, you’d be surprised to know that platform shoes are one of the hottest new spring fashion trends for footwear options. Platform sandals, platform slippers, even platform boots are style essentials for when you want to look your best. Find styles, colors, designs, patterns of every kind when it comes to platforms and fall in love with how tall, slinky and sexy they look!

Fashion Trends

Brightly colored hues are perfect

Jewel-toned dresses, brighter, fruit-colored tops, eye-catching matching separates, statement accessories that get noticed you name it, and it’s going to be everywhere. This spring is all about bright, bold colors that make a statement bring some warmth and a tinge of funk to any look. In addition to bright colors, we’ll also be seeing tons of pastels floating around. These shades and tones are some of the most exciting options for the new year and are bound to give your outfits new life.

Muted staples will be essential items

Along with bright colors and funky clothes, spring fashion trends for 2022 are also focusing on staples and more timeless pieces in neutral colors and styles. Think basic tops, stylish jackets and coats, staple pants, and clothing items that can be mixed and matched, accessorized, or even worn as is. The focus should be on quality, not quantity, so you’re investing in pieces that you truly like and see yourself using long-term, not just for the season. It’s a great practice to adopt anyway, to be more ethical and sustainable in your fashion choices.

Spring fashion trends are some of the most exciting to try, and you can focus on just one or two trends that you can see yourself in comfortably. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin and touch on them too!

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