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The Biggest Fashion Trends We’ll See Returning in 2022

These fashion trends will dominate Miami’s fashion scene and the rest of the world all through 2022 and are worth checking out

Every year we see fashion trends in Miami change and it can be hard to keep up with them. Trends not only change from year to year but from season to season, which means it’s increasingly difficult to know what’s going to be hot and what’s going to be drab from one month to the next.

But some things tend to make a comeback time and again, and they're going to be white-hot for a while, so check them out and start making your shopping list:

Bold, psychedelic prints and patterns

Stripes, circles, abstract print, paisleys, florals—seek and ye shall find. 2022 Is coming in hot with their prints, and you’re definitely going to be seeing more and more of them all through the year. If you were ever embarrassed by that heavily printed sweater your abuela gifted you for Christmas, now’s the time to make it Vogue.

Bright and exciting color combinations

We’re fans of color in 2022. Not only do we still love pastels, but we love experimenting with not-so-obvious color combinations, too, this year. You can safely assume that color blocking and odd combinations can finally work without looking odd. Get creative and have fun pairing your favorite hues and tones in your looks.

A woman poses in gorgeous pastel workwear, including an oversized blazer, skirt, and turban for a day at the office.

Frills, fringes, and flowy fabrics forever

We cannot get enough of this trend! 2022 will see a lot of fringes (maybe when it comes to hair, too), frills, and flowy fabrics that move and sashay with every step you take. It’s the perfect party-wear look, but you can also wear it to work, dinner dates, and casual hangs with your friends. Plus, there are elements of boho bridal looks with this too.

Bring on the power suits everywhere

Power suits are making a statement this year once again. This classic wardrobe essential is just what you need to boost confidence and help you feel bold, untouchable, and sexy. You can get them with skirts, shorts, capris, bell-bottoms, oversized or cropped blazers, in neons or pastels, or deeper, more conservative colors--the options are truly endless.

Sequins, bling, and lots of embellishment

For everyone who loves a little bling, now is your time to shine. Literally.

2022 is ringing in a lot more bling, with all types of sequins and embellishments being incredibly on-trend, especially as spring and summer approach. You can add a pop of glam through accessories like bags, shoes, hats, and jackets, or go all out with tops, dresses, and other core outfit elements. Either way, it’s the perfect time to shimmer and shine in all your glory.

Regardless of the trends, you should always wear what makes you feel good and feel like your most confident, happy self.

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