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How to Declutter Your Closet Before Black Friday Sales

With the holiday season and Black Friday sales just around the corner, it’s time to declutter your closet and make space for new and trendy items. This exciting time of the year isn’t just about buying new things; you should also consider donating or giving away your old things instead of hoarding everything you no longer love or use. 

We understand parting from your stained old tees and trousers can be challenging, but if you know you no longer love or cherish them, it’s time to revamp your entire closet. 

In this blog, we’ll break down some of our most effective closet decluttering tips that might help you get rid of your old clothes and make room for new ones. 

Clear out your closet

First things first, you need to see what you have hiding at the back of your closet before bringing in more clothes and making an even bigger mess. 

Pull out all your clothes, shoes, accessories, and organizers. Create separate piles for things you want to give away to friends and family, things you want to donate, and things you want to keep. 

Doing so will give you a clearer picture of items you need to shop for and the kind of style you want to incorporate in your closet. Avoid keeping clothes you know you’re not going to wear, it’ll save you a lot of closet space. 

Set some rules

When putting things back in your closet, you’ll be inclined to take items from various piles and shove them back in your closet. This will inadvertently take you back to square one, which is why setting some rules might help you out. 

Here’s a list of some simple rules you can incorporate into your closet decluttering process. 

  • If you’ve not worn an item in a year, but it's in good condition, leave it in the donation pile.
  • If it’s worn out, damaged beyond repair, trash pile, it is.
  • If you can get it fixed and will wear it, then have a repair or tailor pile. 
  • If it's not your style anymore or doesn’t fit, it goes in the donation pile.
  • If it's something you often wear, leave it in the keep pile.
  • If it doesn't fit, donate or give it to friends and family. 

Make a list of items you need

The thing about Black Friday sales is that you just never know when to stop, and with great deals, you’re generally tempted to buy everything you see. 

Let’s try not to do that this year by making a list of things you actually need in your closet. With winter coming up, you’ll need to stock up on some warm clothes for the season so, try focusing on that instead of blowing your budget on summer dresses you can’t enjoy for another few months. 

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