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Cuba returns to Miss Universe stage after 57 years and representative to be crowned in Miami

Miami-based Miss Universe Cuba pageant seeks contestants with a social conscience and unforgettable presence

Calling all Cuban beauties with a passion for giving back! After a 57-year absence, Cuba is rejoining the Miss Universe competition. This year, the representative will be crowned not in Havana but in Miami at a pageant organized by Miss Universe Cuba, a newly established franchise.

This is a historic moment for the Cuban diaspora and a chance for a new generation of women to shine on the international stage. But the competition isn't just about sparkling gowns and dazzling smiles.

Miss Universe Cuba is looking for a queen with substance, someone who embodies the spirit of her country while also championing a social cause.

Miss Universe Cuba: A new chapter with a social mission

Venezuelan designer Julio César Cruz, known as Prince Julio César, is the director of Miss Universe Cuba. He brings a wealth of experience from the pageant world, having owned several beauty pageants in his home country.

It is essential for the queen to have a message, according to César. This platform is perfect for girls who believe in giving back to the community. So, she has to get a social project going if she doesn't already have one.

The ideal contestant isn't just about physical beauty; she must be well-spoken, confident on stage, and passionate about making a positive impact in her community. Contestants will be required to develop a social project that addresses a real and tangible need.

This focus on social responsibility reflects a broader shift within the Miss Universe organization. Contestants are no longer required to be born in the country they represent, opening doors for living abroad. Additionally, age is no longer a barrier, allowing for a wider range of women to compete.

Winner of Miss Universe, posing for a picture.

Finding the crown: The road to Miss Universe Cuba

The search is underway! To be eligible, contestants must be either born in or have at least one Cuban parent, with documentation to prove it.

There will be two virtual casting calls announced on Miss Universe Cuba's social media, followed by in-person interviews. A team of experts will help prepare the finalists in areas like public speaking, stage presence, and catwalk skills.

The winner will go on to represent Cuba at the Miss Universe competition, which will be held in Mexico this November. She'll have the opportunity to showcase her culture and beauty on the world stage while also advocating for her chosen social cause.

The return of Cuba to Miss Universe is a cause for celebration, offering a platform for these women to shine and a chance to connect with their community. While some may question the involvement of a Venezuelan director, César emphasizes his diplomatic approach and his goal of bringing success back to the island.

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