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The refreshing boho chic is back in fashion in Miami, but this time with a twist

Celebrate fashion trends in Miami as boho chic makes a comeback to the mainstream

While it may never really have left, boho chic fashion is back in Miami and across the world as people take on this trend once more. There are several reasons why we’re excited to hear about this and why we love a good boho-chic look.  

Boho 2.0—the upgrade we never knew we needed

This time’s boho chic trends are a little more upgraded than what we’re used to, though. It’s not all tassels and frills and suede boots, but there’s more funk and innovation to it too. Florals, flowy silhouettes, and vintage items are some of the trends we’ll be seeing more of.

We’ve seen macrame dresses, sparkles, beads, and gorgeous accent accessories such as earrings, rings, anklets, and scarf rings on the runway. Layer with scarves, light cardigans, and pair dresses, shorts, and tank tops to get that easy-breezy, free-spirited and creative look that we love.

This time’s boho chic trends are just a tad more sophisticated than what the Noughties were known for, so you don’t have to worry about Daisy Dukes and bralettes to qualify as boho chic.

A woman in boho beach wear, walking along the shore.

Fun ways you can style your looks to be on trend

There are several options for places to shop for incredible boho chic outfits and statement pieces across Miami, including boutiques such as these, several women-led businesses that we’re mentioning, and various other places.

These stores offer curated and crafted pieces that are sourced from various places both locally and abroad, giving you several options in multiple price points and ranges. You can find staples such as dresses, boots, cardigans, and much more.

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