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Simple ways to cut back on daily spending in Miami

It's easy to go overboard with spending in Miami, but these hacks will keep your budget in check

Miami may be popular for its unique culinary offerings and glitzy nightlife, but it's also a pricey city in one of the most expensive states in the country. The good news, however, is that there are several ways to cut back on spending in Miami.

Stretching your budget by cutting back is worth it if you consider all the city has to offer. Brilliant blue-water beaches. Picture-perfect streets that are often deemed a hipster haven. Not to mention the amazing food and Cuban cocktails!

Want to make the most of your money in Miami? Read on for helpful budget-saving tips for spending:

Bike your way through the city

You can easily move around Miami on foot, but renting a bike will allow you to see even more of the city's stunning landscapes. With a Citi Bike, you can ride for longer distances while saving on travel expenses and spending.

Citi Bike is the city's bike sharing and rental system, providing residents and visitors with a fun way to navigate around Miami. There are 24/7 docking stations all across Miami where you can pick up or drop off bikes. Depending on how long you plan to stay, you can choose between a bike-share membership or hourly rentals.

Explore local eateries and happy hours

Instead of dining out at expensive sit-down restaurants, explore your area for restaurants, cafes, and dive bars instead. Taquerias and Cuban restaurants are fantastic places to eat on the go. Plus, there are food trucks all over the city, so you can grab a bite anywhere.

Happy hour is also a great time to dine out if you want the ambiance of a sit-down restaurant at a fraction of the price. The food at Miami's bars and cocktail spots aren't disappointing either.

A lifeguard chair on Miami Beach.

Visit the city's public beaches

Miami is the place to be if you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation. There is no admission fee to enjoy the city's beaches, which are all open to the public. If you want to avoid the bigger, crowded beaches like Miami Beach and South Beach, there are other gorgeous options to explore.

Family-friendly beaches tend to be more secluded, while some feature lovely palm trees, lively beachside bars and clubs, or a particularly powerful rip current for water sports. If you're looking for a picturesque beach with grassy spaces and a promenade, try Lummus Park Beach. Haulover Beach is another breathtaking destination with buzzing nightlife and a "clothes optional" section.

Friday’s Little Havana

Friday’s Little Havana is a great opportunity to get a taste of Miami's rich cultural scene on a budget and less spending. There will be live music, art from locals, and other cultural activities at this free festival in Little Havana.

Explore the many galleries lining the street, dig into a delicious Cuban meal at a local restaurant, or simply walk around and take in the sights. An evening at Friday’s Little Havana is the best way to immerse yourself in Miami's vibrant cultural offerings and avoid the city's tourist traps.

There's no denying that Miami is an expensive city, but there are lots of free activities to enjoy that do not require spending. We have lots of budget hacks and money-saving tips at Calle Ocho News. Stay tuned to our news publication for everything you need to know, including the latest news, events, activities, and more happening in Miami.

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