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Miami after hours: 4 unique cocktail spots for some of the best cocktails in the Magic City

Whether you prefer a luxurious sky-high bar or a quirky cocktail bar, check out these cocktail spots for some of the best cocktails in Miami

Even though Miami hasn't always had a stellar reputation for its libations, the bartenders in the Magic City have worked hard to elevate the artisan cocktail scene to an international level. Now you can find a wide variety of some of the best cocktails in Miami and the spots perfect for date nights in Miami, ranging from world-class watering holes to dazzling, sky-high drinking dens. If you're looking for a great place to get a drink, we've compiled a list of some of the best cocktail bars in town.

Here are 4 unique cocktail spots for some of the best cocktails in Miami

Café La Trova

Café La Trova, one of the 50 Best Bars in the World, is a true icon of cocktail culture. You can't go wrong with a cocktail at this amazing Cuban themed establishment in Little Havana, which was created by renowned mixologist Julio Cabrera and Chef Michelle Bernstein.

Try some of the bar's original creations with a Latin touch, such as the star-studded "Buenavista," which combines Bombay Sapphire gin, lime juice, cucumber, elderflower liqueur, mint, and sugar. Cabrera’s house specialties include the Bobby Burns, made with Aberfeldy 12-year Single Malt Scotch Whiskey, smooth vermouth, Benedictine, and a cookie.

Sweet Liberty Drinks & Supply Company

You can take the pink neon sign that reads "Pursue Happiness" at face value. Considering you're sipping at one of the city's top cocktail spots known for some of the best cocktails, that should be simple enough. John Lermayer, the famed proprietor of Sweet Liberty, passed away in 2018, but his legacy of collecting rare liquors continues.

Lermayer took great pleasure in enlightening others with his extensive knowledge of cocktails. All this information is conveniently located in a drink menu that is neatly separated into sections for "fancy" and "classic" drinks. This quirky bar in town serves up a variety of boozy beverages, including absinthe, mulled wine, and a rum-and-raisin liqueur.

Rosi Rosell at 80’s BAr CAFE LA TROVA
Cafe La Trova


In the mood for some drink specials fort he best cocktails you can try that will send you soaring over the clouds? We don't mean literally, but you'll get close enough at this lofty bar. Sugar, a rooftop bar in Brickell with a beautiful garden, is a popular place for happy hour. It might cost you a little fortune to enjoy the wonderful Asian-inspired cocktails at this cocktail club, but the sweeping vistas more than make up for the pricey options.

Jaguar Sun

Jaguar Sun, located in the foyer of the trendy X Miami apartments, pays homage to its namesake city with an atmosphere that is both tropical and trendy while retaining a touch of metropolitan edge. The food, prepared by a Momofuku vet, is simple but effective, and it pairs well with the sharp cocktails made by a former bartender at Boston's legendary Drink.

The best cocktails menu has drinks with ingredients from all over the tropics, including a boozy punch bowl and an extensive selection of wines from around the world. The pub has a weekly wine and record night on Mondays, where sommeliers from all over the city share their latest wine and music discoveries.

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