Venture off The Beaten Track with Miami attractions

Your Guide to Its Hidden Treasures

 Not all travelers like to visit the Miami attractions that everyone already knows. If you’re the kind of tourist that likes to get to know the parts of the city that really bring the culture of the city to light — this is the tourist guide for you. 

South Pointe Park

Miami Beach is gorgeous, but sometimes you really want to get away from the large crowds in the South Beach area. That’s why South Pointe Park is a locally loved Miami attraction that tourists don’t usually know about. 

The park is a great place to explore some trails, have a picnic, get a hot meal at Smith and Wollensky, and take in the sounds of the ocean. Not many people venture here, which is why South Pointe Park is a great location for some peace, quiet, and family fun!

Knaus Berry Farm

 Russel and Ray Knaus started growing strawberries here in 1956, in what was the Redland of South Florida. They had so much success that the Knaus strawberries became famous, allowing them to open up a bakery and expand their land. 

Knaus Berry Farm is now not only a strawberry and tomato supplier, it also has a cute bakery which sells bread and pie alongside coffee and shakes. However, the experience of picking fresh strawberries is a delight that’s worth the effort. 

 A Tour of the Biltmore Hotel

The Biltmore Hotel is a local legend. It opened its doors in 1926 and has hosted more celebrities than you could count. The Biltmore contains 150 acres of tropical greenery, restaurants that offer a taste of luxury, and 174 suites that incorporate Italian, Spanish, and Moorish design influences.  

However, even if you don’t want to spend some serious cash here, there are free Sunday walking tours that are a dream come true for architecture and design enthusiasts. The Biltmore Hotel definitely makes the list of the most extravagant hotels in Miami Beach

History Miami Museum

HistoryMiami is where you want to go if you love to absorb the cultural and historical nuances of cities. The museum takes a unique approach to history, highlighting people’s struggles rather than illustrating information about mainstream history that everyone already knows. 

From Afro-Cuban art exhibits to the current exhibit on Muhammad Ali, HistoryMiami Museum will transform your relationship to history. 

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