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The Best Hotels on Miami Beach

Hotels on Miami Beach

Thanks to sublime weather and postcard-worthy beaches, Miami Beach doesn't take a second to make itself known when you start walking under the hot sun. You hear the waves crashing in the distance while the cultural street food makes its presence felt through the rich aroma you smell in the air – that is when you finally start to understand.

This is why everyone wants to visit Miami Beach.

The City of Miami has always been hot. Winters have always been mild, and for hotel-lovers, this city has everything they can imagine. Think extravagance, lux, and grandeur – the hotels of this city have it all. There's something for every soul, and if you're having trouble deciding which hotel you should pick on Miami Beach  - you've come to the right place. 

In this article, we're taking you through the best hotels on Miami Beach. So sit back and let us help you decide! 

Kimpton Angler's Hotel

Thanks to a six-year expansion that cost the Kimpton Angler's Hotel's management $61 million – the hotel's scenery and image from a visitor's perspective have been redefined. For some avid visitors, this boutique hotel has personal touches that give it that special feeling of a home even though the luxurious bits are there for your enjoyment. 

The hotel has a total of 132-rooms, textured lava-rock coffee tables and armchairs with popping colors that create a breath-taking contrast with the white walls. But if the hotel's beautiful interior doesn't win guests over, the cheeky addition of yoga mats in every visitor's room is surely a favorite. 

This addition is even more useful in times like these when people are socially distant and trying to stay safe from the threat posed by COVID-19.

1 Hotel South Beach

Often considered to be one of the oldest and one of the best hotels on Miami Beach, 1 Hotel South Beach has become a go-to spot for several beach enthusiasts who just want a cozy spot while they can enjoy their time under the sun. But make no mistake – 1 Hotel South Beach does not stand behind the competition when it comes to luxury!

This is a 426-room hotel that was reopened to visitors in 2015 after a giant renovation. Before the redesign, the hotel was known as Perry South Beach. One of the most distinctive features of this hotel is an inclination towards preserving the environment. Visitors can find salvaged-wood, take-home socks and hemp mattresses.

The Miami Beach Edition

What was formerly known as the Seville Hotel on South Beach, is now the Miami Beach Edition, opened back in December 2014 to provide a place to stay for Miami's mid-beach vicinity. Since then, the hotel has developed a huge fan base for its brilliant hospitality services and amazing rooms. The hotel has 294 rooms that mimic the design of the exterior building, and guests can also find outdoor pools that have chairs and umbrellas. 

To make the stay even more vibrant for their guests, the hotel also has a spa and an underground bowling alley so that everyone can enjoy their stay at the hotel.

The Bottom Line

If you’re considering a trip to Miami this year just for the beaches and eateries – include the extravagant hotels in your itinerary, too! Apart from being marvelous specimens of architectural prowess – they also have something for every member of the family! 

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