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The Greatest Underdog Athletes to Come Out of Miami

These athletes from Miami are some of the best in the world

Miami has been home to athletes who’ve made a mark on their respective sports for decades, creating a name for themselves. Some have been superstars from the get-go, while others took their time and came up as the underdog.

Some of these players have originated from Miami, and others have played for Miami’s incredible sports teams, but either way, they’ve been a source of pride for the community. Among the many legendary players to represent Miami in different ways, we have the following:

Dwayne Wade

Although born in Chicago, IL, Dwayne Wade is one of the most legendary players in the NBA. Having spent most of his career playing for Miami Heat, he has an incredible list of accolades and achievements under his belt. With three championship titles and an NBA Finals MVP award, he also holds a gold medal and has made 13 All-Star appearances, making him one of the most decorated athletes in basketball and the world of sport in general.

Jason Taylor

Another athlete whose going down in history books is Jason Taylor, who played for the Miami Dolphins for 13 seasons. The defensive end legend is one of the most incredible players to have been a part of the team, despite poor management and organization during his time with them. As management and administration for the Dolphins continue to change, it’s only hopeful that other players get the due recognition and accolades that Taylor was deserving of.

A female boxer poses with her gloves and sculpted arm, with her face not showing.

Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin was a South Florida local, born in Fort Lauderdale to a large family, where he was one of 17 siblings. The soon-to-be football legend played all through high school and was then recruited by the University of Miami and eventually went on to play for the Miami Hurricanes through the collegiate programs.

His 75-yard, game-winning touchdown won them the title against arch-rivals Florida State University. Eventually, Irvin joined the  Dallas Cowboys, where the record-holder would win three Super Bowls.

Doris Hart

Going down in the International Tennis Hall of Fame, Doris Hart had one of the most illustrious careers in tennis history. She played in 35 championships, ranking in 5th place due to its record-breaking position. The Coral Gables local is one of only two players in the history of tennis to pull off hat trick titles in singles, doubles,
Mixed doubles at all four majors. She continues to be one of the most respected and celebrated players.

Nancy Hogshead

Nancy Hogshead was born in Iowa but raised in Jacksonville, close to Miami. As a high schooler, the Florida Hall of Fame swimmer won three national butterfly championships, 100 yards and 200 meters in 1977 and the 200-yard event in 1978, respectively. Eventually, she swam for Duke University, where she was offered a scholarship. In her one year swimming for Duke, she set a school record in eight different events, going undefeated.

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