Things to do during the Miami Winter months

Miami Winter months bring with them plenty of things to do to keep yourself occupied

Here is a list of how you can keep yourself occupied with things to do during the Miami Winter months. Miami has never been anything like the rest of the US, and 2020 proved it. Miami is quite literally a melting pot of people from a diverse range of cultures, ideas, and regions. Miamians always have something or the other to keep themselves engaged and occupied—safely—even during a pandemic. Winter is particularly a prime time in Miami since most of the city’s outdoor abundance of nature comes to life during the cooler months. 

Visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens 

Vizcaya is a fascinating Italian Renaissance-style villa located right in the middle of lush Coconut Grove. The villa has one of the most well-landscaped gardens you’ll ever see, a magnificent bayfront terrace, and stretches upon the total area of 43 acres. What makes Vizcaya even more impressive is that it makes for a breathtaking photo backdrop as well. Even the staircase inside the villa is as Instagram-worthy as it can get. You’ll almost always spot a few brides roaming around getting their portraits done. The museum is full of many 16th century antiquities and artwork that are a pleasure look to look at. The good news is that Vizcaya also hosts a series of free events, accessible all-year-round giving us plenty of things to do during the Miami Winter months. 

Take a walk down the Espanola Way

If you’re looking for some outdoorsy things to do in Miami with a European vibe in the middle of South Beach, a walk down Espanola Way can fulfill all of your cravings. This pedestrian strip is charming and lined with many cozy restaurants and open-air bars that can literally transport you to far-flung Europe. Espanola Way is also the hub for some of the most hard-to-find, classic French drinks. You get to experience the Paris café culture throughout the lane of eateries. The promenade is also lined with some of the best salsa, samba, and jazz spots if you’re in a mood to dance the night away with your significant other.

Visit the Patricia Frost Museum of Science 

The massive museum spanning 250,000 square feet is every science nerd’s and a curious mind’s dream come true. It features four buildings—the Frost Planetarium, the 500,000-gallon Aquarium, and the West and North wings. You’d meet all sorts of fascinating sea creatures and experience biweekly laser light events here. The museum also hosts the ‘Power of Science’ exhibition—an interactive experience to help you learn more about the human body, oceans, the cosmos, and the environment. Most of the research here is conducted by the staff at the University of Miami. 

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