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The History Buff’s Guide to Miami

Plan your next trip to the "Magic City" with this guide to Miami

Miami is home to some of the most incredible architecture and infrastructure, with gorgeous skyscrapers and modern buildings—but did you know it also has a rich and vibrant history?  If you’re a history buff looking for things that match your interests, we’ve got you covered with this guide to Miami. These are some of the best places to visit and things to do in Miami if you’re interested in history and culture:

Visit the St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church and Monastery

This monastery is one of the oldest buildings in the global north, which was initially built in 1141 A.D. in Spain but was bought, and then shipped over to the United States by William Hearst. It was reconstructed years after his death in North Miami and has been referred to as “the biggest jigsaw puzzle in history.” 

It’s a stunning, scenic location that brings together important elements of history, culture, and globalization in one structure. It’s a must-see location, and it truly is a marvel how they’ve managed to retain its authenticity and beauty after all these years. 

Explore the stunning Art Deco District of Miami 

Miami’s Art Deco District is another must-see location thanks to the stunning architecture, events, and overall ambiance. It has the largest concentration of art deco buildings and architecture across the globe, which makes it a wonder in and of itself. It’s like stepping into a retro dream! 

Head to the incredible Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The beautiful museum and gardens at Vizcaya are another important historical location, only 15 years younger than Miami itself. Founded in 1910, the estate has been deeply tied to Miami’s own history, colliding with important moments in their collective timelines. You get to explore exhibits, preserved gardens and outdoor spaces, and much more in this structure that is over a century old.

Stroll around the historic neighborhood Spring Garden 

Spring Garden, like other places, is another historic neighborhood in the heart of Miami. But it continues to bring together modern and vintage elements through the classic designs, architecture, and structure, as well as the fact that it was constructed in the last century. Preservation efforts keep it looking glorious, and you’ll find several important sights and sounds around the area, so keep an eye out.

Take a tour of Little Havana and explore its many gems

Speaking of sights and sounds, Little Havana is another neighborhood you must explore. Rich with history and culture, it brings a slice of Cuba to the middle of Miami. You’ll see stunning buildings, important landmarks, and stories dripping from every storefront. Take a walking tour of Little Havana and check out the best food and drinks, desserts, and much more that this neighborhood offers. 

Surprised to learn about Miami’s rich historical sites and activities? You’re not alone! The city can take anyone by surprise with its blend of new and old. It’s one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, after all. 

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