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The 8 best things about choosing Yoga during quarantine

Will e1585125225910 - The 8 best things about choosing Yoga during quarantine

(1) Yoga during quarantine is Time for Yourself

Everyone has conventional commitments, like work and family, as well as being continuously pulled in by social media and electronics. It is really easy to get lost in those distractions and lose the emotional connection to yourself. A few minutes a day doing this uses physical movements to reconnect your body and your mind. Yoga during quarantine can do just this.

(2) You Can Do it

Conscious movement includes using your brain and body. You should start really small, and you will still see huge benefits. Flexibility, skills, and experience are not required. That is all a part of your history. When moving forward, you work with what you currently have.

(3) You Can Do it Anywhere

Yoga studios are wonderful places, full of support and community. You are always welcome at our studio! However, you can do yoga during quarantine at home, at an office, or even on an airplane. Any place where you can move some part of your body in a conscious way is a great place to do yoga. You can start by pointing the toes on your right foot towards your face and taking the deepest breath you can. Point them more as you release that breath. Switch to your left foot. That's Yoga. That's a Yoga Class!

(4) It's Simple

The Internet has many pictures of people doing crazy yoga postures. If that intimidates you, know that you never have to do the crazy poses. There's no great reward when you reach that complicated posture. You get the reward every time you start.  Move your toes in different directions. Focus on your lower back pain and try to fix it. Gently isolate your abs. This is all a part of doing yoga during quarantine.

(5) It's Easiest to Benefit at the Beginning

That yogi doing a crazy posture may be so good at that pose that they can do it without even thinking. But they worked hard to get there too! Not thinking while doing yoga is not actually doing yoga, that's just posing.  In fact, when you are a beginner at yoga, you benefit more when trying to do it. You don’t need super open hamstrings, you just have to do conscious movement.

(6) It's Incremental

Yoga is about moving from point A to point B, not point A to point Z.  You start where-ever you are and making a positive difference. You could use yoga to improve your reach from 5" to 6" one day.  Then, you go out dancing and the next day you are a little sore, but you improve your reach that day from 3" to 4". 

(7) You Don't Need to Buy Anything

Google "YouTube yoga instruction" and there are more than 30 Million (!) results. You don't even need buy a mat, much less any complicated equipment. Again, you are welcome to in our studio where you can get expert attention personalized to your needs, as well as a community. But don't need that to start doing Yoga.

(8) You Can Do it for Life

oga is all about how you are feeling, so you can use it to feel better at any starting point. As you grow older and your body changes, you can always find new ways to move consciously in a way that benefits you. And you don't ever have to stop.  How does knowing that make you feel? Yoga House Miami located at 2050 Coral Way #602, Miami, FL 33145 and virtually during the Corona Virus pandemic here.

Written by,
Will Thomas
Studio owner

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