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8 Burger from Home

Ocho burger

8 Burger on Calle Ocho wants you to try their burger from home during the stay at home order

Little Havana is thriving with Latin culture and ambiance, and many businesses in the area add more Latin power to the punch by succumbing to the times. 8 Burger is run by co-owner Jesus Daza. Daza believes Miami is traditionally the place where large numbers of Latinos come together, which is why Ocho Burger was started in Little Havana.

“Calle Ocho keeps part of the history of what was and has been the development of this great city,” said Daza. “We believe in the potential that Calle Ocho has.”

That potential is mirrored in the restaurant’s name, Ocho Burger, which was Daza’s way of making an ode to Calle Ocho, which represents the development and growth of many people’s dreams. Daza was captivated when he first visited Calle Ocho.

“I began to study the potential of the area and what could be done,” Daza said. “We thought of many things, especially in coffee because of the coffee culture that the Cubans have.” However, Daza found that there were already many coffee shops in the area, and he wanted to do something different.

Daza realized that the area lacked a good burger restaurant that kept the essence of the Cuban flavor. This is how Ocho Burger was born. Jesus Daza, Jesus Daza’s brother and co-owner, focused on creating the menu, which the brother’s taste tested multiple times until it was perfect.

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“Everything has been a continuous teaching and continuous re-engineering, where we have adapted every day to the demands of our clientele,” said Daza.

It is their clientele that they aim to stay in contact with. The brother’s never say no to events, shows, or festivals that occur on Calle Ocho because these are opportunities for them to promote their business.

Daza hopes that Ocho Burger can participate in a festival where each restaurant on the strip showcases their best dish when this is all over and they can win the Miami best burger award.

Ocho Burger’s best dish would evidently be their burger. The restaurant uses a Josper oven, which works with charcoal and/or firewood. According to Daza, this gives the food a taste that is “inexplicable.” The restaurant’s freshly baked bread collaborates with the burger and makes it the best thing customers have ever tasted.

Mainly, though, the menu aims to rescue and incorporate Cuban flavors into each of their dishes. Two of their best sellers are The Frita, a burger with a pork and beef patty and a fried egg, and La Vaca Frita, their shredded pork sandwich.

If you’re looking to try a great burger, head to Calle Ocho. Daza wants future customers to know that Calle Ocho is not just about music; you also find bits of Cuban and Latin culture. Ocho Burger invites you to visit them at 1549 SW Eighth Street to discover bold Latin and American flavors.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ocho Burger is offering 20 percent off your order when you order delivery or pick up by calling 786-953-8981 or ordering through Uber Eats, Postmates, or other delivery services.

For more information on Ocho Burger, visit their Instagram or Facebook page.

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