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If you’re big on travel content, enjoy learning about different cultures, and have wanderlust you can’t satisfy, Travels with Talek is something you must have come across. If not, think of this as the perfect introduction to this travel content platform and business that was founded by the very talented Talek Nantes.

We sat down to talk to her about an incredible upcoming trip to Spain this September, which hopes to take a group through some unique destinations and experiences.

What does the trip to Spain include?

The trip kicks off in Barcelona, which is known for its architecture and is home to 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with sites including places like the stunning Sagrada Familia, Casa Battló, and many more.

A beautiful village in Northern Spain showing a river.

The trip then moves north of Spain, toward the coastline stopping at Logroño, in La Rioja, which is known for being one of the best wine regions in the world. There they’ll sample wine in underground wine cellars. Next stop is Laguardia, a beautiful medieval city nestled on top of a mountain.

They will then move on to Bilbao, which was once an industrial town, but now has been developed as an artistic community. There is even a Guggenheim Museum in the city.

The group will then move west toward Oviedo, which is home to many ancestors of Hispanic Americans. In fact, the trip explores various cities where Hispanic Americans will be able to trace back their heritage in the most beautiful way.  

A beautiful heritage building in Spain.

The trip ends at Galicia, which is home to over 2000 years of history that you can explore in a few hours.

How to connect to Travels with Talek

You can follow Talek Nantes and Travels with Talek on various platforms, including her Facebook group that aims to connect women travel-enthusiasts over the age of 50, on Instagram @travelswithtalek, and the official website,, where she also shares a wide range of resources for travelers.   

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