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4 Reasons You Should Visit Miami

For many people, it is an unforgettable experience. Even though it is just one city, Miami represents destinations from across the world. People who visit Miami discover...


Things You Can Do at Miami Beach

Most people visit Miami Beach for the cool, clear water. But only few people are aware that there are several other activities one can enjoy apart from the sand. On your...

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Is Miami worth your time?

Our city has become the king of movies and TV shows, and everyone wants to visit us at least once in their life. We have perfect weather, a buzzing nightlife, and a...

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New Lebo mural in Miami Beach

The ‘Welcome To Miami Beach’ mural by David Le Batard Today, November 10, the magnificent artist David “Lebo” Le Batard will complete...

Calle Ocho needs you!

Calle Ocho risks losing many businesses as well as its appeal if the government does not allow for expanded outdoor seating by using parking lanes and closing streets.

Sign here, save Calle Ocho