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Fun things you can do at Miami Beach

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Most people visit Miami Beach for the cool, clear water.

Only a few people are aware that there are several other activities one can enjoy apart from the sand. On your visit to Miami Beach, there are many fun things to do including seasonal stuff and things to do year-round. You’ll come across startling history that is from the Al Capone era. The best places to visit in Miami showcase this history in its unique architecture, and visitors can also find some of the best food Florida has to offer on Miami beach. 

Here are some of the best things you can do at Miami Beach – that don’t have anything to do with the beach. 

1. Art Decorations and Architecture

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One of the most fun things you can do at Miami is to explore the art decorations that the beach has to offer. Miami’s Design Preservation team provides a daily 1.5 hour-long walking tour that takes you through the historic district of the beach. 

You can also take a trip down memory lane by visiting the cultural restaurants and hotels. The buildings on the beach are relevant to the Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco, and the modern areas of Miami. 

2. Enjoy the Pools 

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One of the best aspects of Miami Beach is affordable hotels. There are several five-star hotels and luxury estates that can be rented for their luxurious services. These places of hospitality can also give you a day pass for their swimming pools, which means you can stay in a hotel with style while paying only a fraction of the price. 

Some of the hotels that offer a day pass on the Beach are:

  • The National Hotel Miami
  • SLS South Beach
  • Mondrian South Beach
  • Delano South Beach

3. Go Shopping

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A walk along Lincoln Road is a must for anyone who is looking for some retail therapy in Miami. Lincoln Road is pedestrian-friendly, and it is full of trendy shops that can keep you engaged while your day passes by. This road has a style of its own, and the whole experience gets you feeling the Miami vibe in no time. Leaving this spot without buying something is a hard job for almost anyone! 

4. Go To a Museum

art deco welcome center - Fun things you can do at Miami Beach

Even if you don’t include the illustrious experience that the popular Wynwood walls have to offer in downtown Miami – the beach has several museums that’ll help you pass the time. In the South Beach vicinity, you’ll find museums like the:

  • The Bass, which has contemporary Art
  • The Art Deco Museum
  • Wolfsonian-FIU which features several forms of designing and Art
  • The Jewish Museum of Florida
  • ArtCenter South Florida

5. Enjoy the Culinary Experience

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When you’re tired from visiting all of the fun places Miami beach has to offer, you can fill up on the diverse food scene. The food ranges from renowned steak houses to the appealing Cuban cuisine. Another reason why people love Miami for its food is that it’s connected to the sea, which means fresh seafood every time! 

So make sure you enjoy Miami completely – the beach isn’t the only way to pass the time!

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