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Miami Beach Declares State of Emergency Following Shootings

Spring break gone wrong leads to a state of emergency being declared in Miami Beach

Miami Beach has declared a state of emergency following two incidents of shootings in the city that have left five people injured. This comes after repeated concerns and pushback against allowing spring break activities to continue in the region and is the second year in a row when a state of emergency had to be declared due to unruly behavior and incidents related to spring breakers.

What reports say about the incidents

The two incidents were random and unrelated but not unusual, given the unruly nature of spring break crowds. Both shootings took place on Ocean Drive, and the first shooting was on Sunday, while the second was Monday morning. Five bystanders were injured and rushed to the hospital due to their injuries, leaving the public jarred.

The shootings happened while spring breakers socialized and partied outdoors, resulting in more panic as crowds and pedestrians dispersed and knocked over furniture, causing traffic disruptions and other issues.

The incidents have caused panic and urgency, bringing together city officials to take decisive action.

Miami Beach’s response to the issues

Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber issued a statement saying that spring was neither wanted nor asked for by locals and officials, and these incidents reify that fact. The city declared a state of emergency on Monday and will continue to take decisive action to mitigate crowds and prevent further incidents. This includes a curfew that begins at 12:01 am on Thursday night and ends at  6:00 am Monday morning.

City Manager Alina T. Hudak shared that the City Commission will meet on Tuesday to discuss extending the curfew in the interest of the locals and of other visitors who come to town.

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