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Los Van Van concert cancellation: Controversy or Logistics?

Cuban orchestra known as Los Van Van canceled their Friday Miami Beach concert

Cuban orchestra band Los Van Van was scheduled to perform at the Miami Beach Bandshell on Friday, May 19, 2023. However, they canceled their show last minute, informing their fans that it was logistically impossible for them to perform at Bandshell and meet other commitments.

Many believe that the concert cancelation is due to controversies and protests that transpire during their performances. Continue reading this news to get more details.

Concert cancelation: controversy or logistics?

Los Van Van told their fans via Facebook and Instagram that they would not perform at Miami Beach Bandshell due to conflicts in their schedules.

Their South Florida shows always fuel controversy leading to gripes from Cuban exile groups. This time the group said they were unable to perform due to a combination of commitments and flights elsewhere.

The Miami Beach commissioner Alex Fernandez requested the event cancelation, nonetheless. He tweeted about the concert cancelation and called out the group for promoting human rights violations at the hands of Cuban tyranny. The Cuban-origin American politician also indicated that the proceeds from these shows contribute to a violation of individual liberties and basic human rights on the Island of Cuba.

He extended his gratitude to the Rhythm Foundation – an organization responsible for overseeing Miami Beach Bandshell. He thanked them for catering to his request to cancel the show.

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Refunds: Can people request refunds or not?

The group posted the concert cancelation and told ticketholders to get refunds from Miami Beach Bandshell by contacting them at However, the Miami Beach city website that lists all events indicated that event tickets are non-refundable.

The ticket vendor Songkick sells Los Van Van’s concert tickets in the US. According to this ticketing vendor, the starting ticket price for the event was $63, whereas the VIP ticket was $612.

The group performed in Mexico, and their US tour will start on May 26 in the Bronx. Their “Tren de Cuba” New York concert prices range from $58-$113. The Cuban group will also perform at the Roccapulco Club and San Francisco Carnival on May 27, where the starting ticket prices are $30 and can go up to $50.

Los Van Van made their first appearance in 2022 in Puerto Rico and other US cities. They performed in Pembroke Pines instead of Miami because of protests against their performances. Many Cuban exiles protest against Los Van Van and another Cuban group called HabanD’Primera for misusing their talent to promote the evils of Cuban tyrants.

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