The best activities for your trip to Miami

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Being the envy of America is starting to get a little hectic for Miami. Sure, posting pictures of Miami Beach in January and eating at some of the world’s best restaurants seems fun. But who knows? Maybe you are the kind of person who needs a spot which isn’t crowded with visitors on your next trip to Miami. 

The residents of Miami and the people who hope to come here have grown to love this city. They are always looking for reasons to go out and looking for new ways to have fun in Miami. Yeah – Miami has the beaches, but we’ve got also got a plethora of unexplored spaces that are waiting to be found. So, read on to find some of the best activities for your trip to Miami. 

Visit a creepy abandoned missile testing site

Just as you are about to enter Everglades National Park, you’re going to see a parking lot on the side, which has a sign that says, “Southern Glades Wildlife and Environment Area.” This entrance leads to eery Aerojet Road. Aerojet road is only accessible by foot and can lead you to an abandoned missile test area. 

The abandoned structures are covered in graffiti and writings on the wall. It is a site that truly takes you back in time. 

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Do not take the beach for granted

Despite the fact that Miamians can go to a spectacular beach anytime they want, not being able to go for the last few months has all of us dying. The best part about going to the beach right now is, for now, we can enjoy them without worrying about tourists. Not that we don’t enjoy tourists visiting Miami – but being relatively alone in front of vibrant blue water is truly a sight to behold. 

If you’re truly looking for socially distant beaching on your next trip to Miami, head north from 22nd street once you’re in front of Miami Beach.

miami beach - The best activities for your trip to Miami

Hiking in the Everglades

Summer isn’t necessarily the best time to strap your mud boots. But with enough bug spray and hydration, you can have the chance to explore America’s most beautiful swamp. Residents can find various easy trails in Everglades National Park. These trails can be found in Flamingo or Shark Valley. 

everglades national park - The best activities for your trip to Miami

Take pictures in front of the Wynwood Walls

One of the best spots for a photo in Miami are the Wynwood Walls. These walls have one of the most impressive collections of street art that are ever-changing. These walls are made from colorful blocks that have beautiful and provocative murals painted on them. 

The murals also double as a free outdoor museum for travelers who are looking for a casual way of distracting themselves from their busy life. One trip to the walls will leave you with piles of fodder for your social media accounts about your trip to Miami.

wynwood walls - The best activities for your trip to Miami

Avocado Wine?

New experiences happen when we stop doing things we are supposed to do. Believe it or not, but Schnebly Winery in Redlands has some of the most creative ways of making juices from fruits. One of its most iconic combinations is Avocado Wine. 

Drink it with the right mindset and you might end up enjoying it!

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