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Parks department considers a Waterfront Recreation Access Plan

Blue lake

A Waterfront Recreation Access Plan for Miami-Dade County Parks along with the Florida Inland Navigation District (FIND) is in the works.

This partnership gives residents an opportunity to take part in the creation of a “Waterfront Recreation Access Plan” (WRAP) that is going to be implemented countrywide. The intent of this access plan is to improve access of the residents to the waterways of the country. 

Moreover, the plan also hopes to provide protection to sea life and the businesses on the waterfront. This will, in turn, increase eco-tourism and recreational opportunities and expand the ways the bay is connected to other parts of the city. This decision was taken by the Florida Inland Navigation District because they feel an environmentally friendly and accessible waterfront is important for the residents. 

To bring the plan to life, the park’s management and FIND will be working with a team of professionals. This team will include a team of environmental engineers, planners, and economists. These teams will be representing various stakeholders like the federal and state government, and other people who will be assisting in the implementation of the plan. 

The recreational access plan is part of an Open Source Master Plan that was agreed upon by the Board of County Commissioners in 2008. This detailed plan also includes a connected system for wildlife habitat. This system will provide scenic views and recreational opportunities to residents. The residents can also take advantage of new transportation opportunities which will bring new water experiences to Biscayne Bay. 

“Recreational water experiences that include facilities and programs for shoreline fishing, walking, swimming, paddle boarding, boating, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking have been a priority and focus of Miami-Dade Parks for the past 90 years. We look forward to working with the community to identify new opportunities for improved access while keeping marine conservation clearly in focus.”

Maria I. Nardi director of Miami-Dade County Parks
clear lake - Parks department considers a Waterfront Recreation Access Plan

“People are encouraged to responsibly use, enjoy and protect these unique natural resources. Public input is a vital component in the development of this plan, as it allows us to better serve the needs of residents and the community.”

T. Spencer commissioner for Florida Inland Navigation District

The importance of a Waterfront Recreation Access Plan that makes waterfronts that are easily accessible to residents was first considered when Miami-Dade County was considering adopting such a plan back in 2008. For them, a waterfront would make the county healthy, prosperous, and livable. It would help preserve the essential components that are needed for life while also adding to the beauty of the bay. 

A Waterfront Recreation Access Plan will make our waterfronts more recreational and would also give a significant boost to the marine-centered economy of the area. Other benefits can be the environmental adaptations that are included in the plan. A plan that gives the county a chance to decrease its carbon footprint has also been long-awaited. The green infrastructure that is included in the plan will also give the county a chance to stand firm against the challenges of rising sea levels. Because there was no conclusive plan for the waterways – WRAP will fill this gap.   

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