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Goya Gives is back in action during Hurricane Laura

Goya Foods

Goya the Hispanic-owned food company is donating millions of pounds of food to victims of the hurricane 

Goya foods has made various headlines during the course of the pandemic, both negative and positive. Now, the company is back in the news again for their valiant efforts to support those affected by Hurricane Laura. In response to urgent calls from organizations and food banks who were struggling to provide enough food to all victims, Goya is in preparation for a large food distribution to these organizations. 

This donation comes as a part of the Goya Gives program, which is a program that works globally to assure the well-being of communities. Using principles like social responsibility, environmental initiatives, and company values, Goya gives back to the very communities that continuously support the company. 

"As part of our tradition of immediate response during emergencies, we send our aid in the form of food and send our love and prayers for rebuilding”. 

Bob Unanue, President of Goya Foods
warehouse - Goya Gives is back in action during Hurricane Laura

Unanue’s mention of tradition comes from Goya’s frequent presence in the efforts to support victims of other natural disasters. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has distributed millions of pounds of food to food banks in the United States, Puerto Rico, and South America. They have also donated 20,000 face masks to healthcare professionals. 

During Hurricane Maria, Goya donated one million pounds of food to Puerto Rico, as well as providing support to victims of political unrest in Venezuela, sufferers of the Earthquake in Haiti, and anyone who was affected by Superstorm Sandy, and Hurricanes Isaac, Harvey, and Irene. 

Being at the forefront of humanitarian efforts is no new undertaking for Goya Foods, which is why they will continue their trend of giving back during the span of Hurricane Laura, to assure that the victims of the hurricane are well-fed and healthy. 

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