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4 storage hacks for small apartments you wish you knew sooner

Use these storage hacks for condos, apartments, and more in Miami

Miami is home to a lot more renters than homeowners, and with the housing crisis persisting, many people will be moving into smaller apartments, condos, and flats where space is an issue. Even if you’re willfully choosing a smaller accommodation, you’re still likely to struggle with storage issues, which is why we’re sharing some storage hacks for small homes in Miami.  

Try out the following storage hacks and tricks to make the most of your space:

Invest in perimeter shelves for your walls

Perimeter shelves are a lifesaver for small spaces. You can invest in some simple racks that can go around the perimeter of your rooms, especially at a higher elevation. These are great storage hacks to get more space to put stuff and display surfaces without having to use up ground space. A pro-tip is to install these shelves at a higher level, such as above your bed, so you can keep things you don’t need right away up there.

You can buy great shelves or even build your own with a little practice and preparation!  

Put up a clothing rack in the corner of your room

Struggling with closet space and not sure what to do? You can use clothing racks for extra items and outerwear that you’ll need to grab and go. However, the placement of the clothes rack is what makes all the difference in the world. Hang up a clothing rack in the corner of your room because it’s less awkward-looking, stylish, and practical. You get more storage space for clothing, a cost-effective solution.

P.S. here’s a great guide to decluttering your closet to make more space and get rid of things you don’t really need or use.

A clean and minimalist apartment with everything put away.

Get multipurpose furniture for your home

Multipurpose furniture is the godsent of storage hacks you never knew you needed. Your stools can double into storage boxes, your bedframe can have drawers, your couch can double as a bed, and you can find different types of multipurpose furniture items for your home. Check out these incredible ideas for multipurpose furniture that’s designed for small spaces and clever design in general.

Fill up empty spaces, nooks, and crannies

While open spaces feel tighter in smaller apartments, poor organizing and storage can also lead to a lot of wasted space and issues with that. It helps to prepare and plan out your apartment’s storage, including finding ways to fill up corners, empty spaces, and various nooks and crannies. Invest in uniform-sized storage baskets to make more use of cupboards, closets, and cabinets, get lazy susans for hidden corners and inaccessible items and add shelves to doors too. It’s one of the simplest, most inexpensive hacks that will save you so much wasted space.

A bonus tip is to store and hang clothing, linen, and other items you use on the daily more effectively. Take a look at these tips and advice to improve the way you store your items.

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