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3 Great Closet Organizing Tips to Help You Access Everything

Use these closet organizing tips and follow the best fashion advice in Miami 

Do you hate the way your closet always seems to be bursting at the seams and flowing over all the time? The fashion police in Miami is here to help you sort out of your life—and your closet.

We've got some closet organizing tips and recommendations to help make your closet more organized, accessible, and easily usable:

Start by emptying out your closet

The first step to clearing and organizing everything is to empty everything out. Only when your closet is empty will you be able to see how much space you have, what you have, and how you can use your space more effectively.

Separate and empty everything based on category, such as all your formal tops in one place, dresses in one place, t-shirts and more casual wear elsewhere, accessories like bags and shoes.

Separate then declutter

Now that everything is emptied out move on to the next step: decluttering.

Decluttering is something you should be doing seasonally or annually and a great way to see how your sense of style and utility has developed. Give away clothes, shoes, bags, etc., that you no longer use, fit into, or like based on whether you can sell, donate, or throw it away.

Decluttering is a very helpful and useful exercise and will help you clear up more space and truly hold on to the things you want.

A beautifully organized minimalist closet with everything set in the perfect place.

Enhance your closet space according to the design

Now design and plan out your closet layout based on your needs. It doesn't matter whether you have a walk-in closet or a regular one; look at how it's designed. Vertical spaces can be made more efficient by adding more shelves, baskets, and compartments, while horizontal shelves can also be compartmentalized. If you have more vertical space, you can hang clothes, but if you struggle to reach certain shelves or racks, now is also the time to make the design more efficient.

A great hack is to invest in closet organizers, dividers, and other add-ons that will help you see everything you need and reach it more easily. Wall shelves, storage boxes, add-on drawers, hooks, and rods are some of the many quick and easy fixes you can make.

Organize clothes and accessories based on their type

With storage sorted and things cleared out, begin organizing clothes and accessories according to their type and design. Both delicate and sturdy fabrics and very formal and luxury clothing should be hung, so it's separated and safe.

T-shirts can easily be rolled and stored in drawers, as can underwear and bras, while pants can be folded and stacked. Bags, belts, and other accessories should be stored either in boxes or hung on hooks for easier access rather than stuffed in the back of your closet.

Decluttering, clearing, organizing, and arranging your closet doesn't need to be super complicated. You can just as easily use your space efficiently if you know how to organize and sort out what you have and say goodbye to what you don't need.

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