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@fashionistacollection_ is the place to shop for Miami fashion


Local Miami fashion business @fashionistacollection_ is a great place to get long-lasting clothing

Ana Avellaneda is the owner of a local business for women's apparel and accessories that carries quality Miami fashion. Known on Instagram as @fashionistacollection_ Avellaneda's business has taken a hard hit during the pandemic. However, she always chooses to see the silver lining in all clouds. 

One of those silver linings is her ability to connect with people via social media platforms. This has allowed her to meet new people virtually. Her sales dropped during the pandemic but being on Instagram has improved things alot. 

“It’s been a little bit of a roller coaster”  

Ana Avellaneda
Ana Avellaneda fashionistacollection business - @fashionistacollection_ is the place to shop for Miami fashion

Avellaneda is using her ten years of experience in this business to keep herself going. She started with just $100 and a passion for making jewelry. Now, she fulfills each order with the care and love that she would use if she were picking an outfit out for herself. 

Avellaneda’s main goal is to put together pieces that compliment the style of her customers and accentuates each customer's attributes. She also hopes customers will wear these clothes more than once. @fashionistacollection_ is not the place to get a one-use outfit, ring, or pair of earrings. Avellaneda wants her customers to be able to have her pieces for a while, so she makes sure they are long-lasting. 

Currently, Avellaneda has a showroom in a local eyebrow bar called Ellie Brows and Beauty. She received this opportunity after being a customer for years and sharing business ideas with the owner Ellie Martinez. From then on Ana and Ellie decided that having Ana's fashion present at the eyebrow bar would be a great collaboration. I mean now the average Miami girl can shop Miami fashion and do her eybrows all in the same place. Talk about pampering!

Ana Avellaneda fashionistacollection - @fashionistacollection_ is the place to shop for Miami fashion

“I couldn't be more pleased to have my fashion showcased at Ellie Brows and Beauty, it has been a great accent to both our businesses. The best part is that it happened organically, like most things that are meant to be. I know eventually, I will have my own location but I feel grateful for what I have now. Especially with the year, we have all experienced.”

Ana Avellaneda

As Christmas comes along, Avellaneda is excited for the opportunity to provide clothes and accessories for people to wear to events or family gatherings. Customers can even gift her products to members of their family or friends.

For more information or to purchase from Avellaneda’s, visit the businesses’ Instagram page @fashionistacollection_ or contact her at 786-327-2103.

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