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The GMCVB invites you to celebrate art and culture


The GMCVB has launched a two-month program for you to celebrate all the art and culture Miami has to offer in-person and remotely

During the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been unsure about what activities are safe to take part in. In a city as diverse and artistic as Miami, it’s hard to resist the desire to explore and get in touch with art and culture. The GMCVB has provided a solution to that problem. 

The GMCVB has launched a program called Miami Arts, Culture, and Heritage Months. Starting Dec. 1 until Jan. 2021, the program will shine a spotlight on the diverse cultures that are in Miami. The program overlapped with Art Week in Miami. 

Miami Arts, Culture and Heritage Months aims to show participants the real Miami. This includes local artists to support, institutions to know about, and artistic hotels that make Miami unique. The program will do all this while abiding by COVID-19 rules and having remote events. 

jabreu - The GMCVB invites you to celebrate art and culture

Miami Arts, Culture and Heritage

With their partners, the GMCVB has created a wider network to promote art activities. Through partner organizations, the GMCVB created an event guide. The guide includes all the arts and culture in Miami that the program aims to promote. 

Non-partnered organizations can also list events on the GMCVB website for free. This is an offer that is available all year round. 

The events include mini booth pop-ups at local hotels, music performances and outdoor dance productions. There will also be options for virtual art gallery tours and talks with local artists. 

The program will also highlight the kick-off of Art of Black Miami. This is a marketing program that is used all year. It aims to showcase the visual art of the African diaspora. African diaspora is the collection of communities that descend from native sub-Saharan Africans. 

There are many remote and in-person offers and events available to explore. Some offers are from local museums, theaters, and art galleries. These events and offers can be explored via the GMCVB website.

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