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Wynwood Padel

Padle is the perfect sport for anyone, the benefits it offers women are endless

In fact, more than 40% of the group of players that frequent Wynwood Padle are women and young girls so it is clear that they have to find many incentives...





These are the words used to describe the experience these women that visit Wynwood Padel have each and every time they play.

This sport has been very successful and adopted by many. One of the reasons that this sport has taken Miami by storm is that nowadays, we all want to find leisurely activities and alternatives that contribute to us being in shape. We look for "work-out" options to do 2 or 3 days a week that allow us to keep active, burn calories, sweat ... in short, be in shape. Time is so scarce that we look to consolidate the time we play with the time we bond with our friends.  We need to find moments to meet with our friends ... these moments are necessary for social interaction where we can relate to our friends, talk about things, and feel loved...

Padle offers you the opportunity to do both at the same time!!! You can exercise, burn calories and get fit all while having a nice time with your friends.

Here are two ways you can look to join the fun at Wynwood Padel:

1) Group paddle class 2 times a week
2) Paddle party with friends + breakfast fit

With either of these two options you get fit while getting a great workout and burning calories to shape your figure.

It doesn't hurt that it is tremendously easy and fun to learn.

The process of learning padle is very fast.

Movements at the amateur level are easy and simple (in fact, almost everyone passes the ball to the other field in their first class).
Being successful from the first day makes the sport become tremendously fun and addictive because with the continuous exchange of blows, you can start competing from the point of first contact.

Many women claim that it is easy for them to learn to play and that they have such a good time playing among themselves that they have turned their date with the padle into a weekly routine that they can’t miss with their friends.
You get fit, you learn to play a sport you like easily that you can play with your friends its a win win! You can participate in games from the beginning and also, all in an environment where you have fun at any stage and with every moment ...Once you start, you can’t stop playing ... (I tell you from experience) and at that moment rest assure that Wynwod Padel is growing and pretty soon they will be adding leagues, hangouts, company events...

Check out Wynwood Padel and make your life much more fun and healthy.
Run, go tell all your friends and bring them to join the fun!!!
Do not hesitate to take a minute to get in touch with Marcos del Pilar he will take good care of you so that you can partake as soon as possible.


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Marcos del Pilar
RPP USA Director
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