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"WE CARE CHEMO KITS" is making a big difference

We Care Chemo Kits is a nonprofit organization based out of Miami is making a huge difference in the lives of Cancer patients.

We Care Chemo Kits was created to brighten up a cancer patient’s day in the darkest moment of their life through care packages and special events. Each chemo kit includes purposely selected inspirational, practical, and educational items to encourage the patient, ease the chemotherapy treatment process, and enrich the patient and family hospital experience. Each delivery includes colorful foil balloons, a plush toy for comfort and companionship, and a handmade get-well card.  The chemo kits are designed for children, teens, and adults undergoing chemotherapy treatment.

The co-founder Gisenia Reyes, knows all about cancer treatment.  She was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, an aggressive type of blood cancer in October 2015.  Upon diagnosis, she immediately underwent chemotherapy to save her life.  In 2016, Gisenia spent over 100 days collectively in the hospital, had numerous blood and platelet transfusions, lost her hair, and had 6 painful bone marrow biopsies.  Her doctors recommended a stem cell transplant be done, but the million-dollar question was who could serve as her stem cell donor.  Her prayers were answered when the doctors confirmed her identical twin sister, Lucia Reyes, was her perfect match!  Gisenia is now 100% healthy and cancer free!  The Reyes Twins now work diligently to help the cancer affected community. “With each chemo kit delivery, I want cancer patients to know that they don’t fight alone,” said Gisenia.  The chemo kit is delivered to the cancer patient by a cancer survivor. The goal is for the patient to see HOPE face-to-face! Once the patient has fully recovered, they are encouraged to become a volunteer bringing it full circle!

Mari Chemo KitErika Priceless PhotoWe Care Chemo Kits was founded on Valentine’s Day of 2017 and to date has hosted various parties for cancer patients and delivered over 300 chemo kits to several hospitals they have partnered with in Miami-Dade County.  “Sadly, cancer is the #1 cause of death in Florida and so the vision is to spread God’s love one chemo kit at a time throughout the state and ultimately the U.S. and abroad,” said Lucia. 

This organization is dedicated to the memory of Marielena RadoGisenia and Marielena met at the hospital during treatment.  When Marielena relapsed, she became the first recipient of a chemo kit.  Her over the top reaction is what spurred Gisenia into action to recreate this for every cancer patient.  Unfortunately, Marielena passed in December 2017.  “Her radiant smile and loving personality will always be remembered,” said Gisenia.

We Care Chemo Kits mission is to celebrate the lives of cancer survivors, honor those who have passed, and encourage patients in active treatment.  The purpose is simple…to put a smile on a cancer patient’s face!  We Care Chemo Kits is a volunteer-based organization, so they constantly need the community to get involved by helping them gather the items and assemble the chemo kits.

If you want to put a smile on a cancer patient’s face and learn how you can get involved, please visit!

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