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City of Miami Mayor Launches Official Twitter Account

Suarez Francis 1 - City of Miami Mayor Launches Official Twitter Account

@MiamiMayor aims to increase engagement and access for residents

 Mayor Launches Official Twitter Account On March 21, 2018  @MiamiMayor , which will serve as a new and exciting civic-engagement platform for Miami residents. It will provide a fresh channel to connect and engage with Mayor Francis Suarez and his staff, allowing residents and visitors to become part of the conversation by asking questions, reporting problems and providing feedback about the issues that matter most to them.


The account will share information on the mayor’s daily activities and the projects he is working on, as well as hear citizens’ views on local issues. This is another way for Mayor Suarez to directly connect with his residents.

“In this day and age of smart phones and social media, accessibility shouldn’t be a barrier between elected officials and the residents they serve. Today’s exciting announcement reaffirms my commitment to continue embracing innovative methods for the benefit of our residents,” said Mayor Suarez. “It will allow residents to not just serve as spectators on local issues, but to become an active part of these conversations that directly impact Miami’s future. This is a great chance to accomplish that in a way that has never been done before in Miami.”

The account will be additional to the existing @FrancisSuarez.

For more information, please contact Gabriela Castillo, Director of Communications for Mayor Suarez, at or (305) 250-5300.

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