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Let's celebrate the Miami Romance Month

Deering Estate celebrates Miami Romance Month with special offers and a Valentine's Day concert You have a great opportunity to create romantic memories with the...

The Annual Holiday Evening at Vizcaya

Celebrate the holidays and the 100th birthday of the Vizcaya Museum Vizcaya Museum and Gardens will host the annual Holiday Evening at Vizcaya. The event...

Stargazing party at Fruit & Spice Park

An amazing guided stargazing opportunity thanks to The Southern Cross Astronomical Society If you are an astronomy lover or you just love to watch the stars, then you...

A heaven on Earth called Tabacón

Have you ever visited a hotel and you just knew you needed to go back? I would like a moment to write and share about my experience at Tabacón in Arenal...


Miami Museums You Can Visit For Free

Keep the money in your pocket and visit these museums for free If you are a tourist in Miami or a local and you didn't visit the Miami museums, you have to know that...

The Best Miami Beaches, Summer of 2016

Miami beaches: ocean and sand paradise The summer is here and if you are not at the beach your mind surely is. Just picture yourself with your sunglasses on, a cocktail...

Calle Ocho needs you!

Calle Ocho risks losing many businesses as well as its appeal if the government does not allow for expanded outdoor seating by using parking lanes and closing streets.

Sign here, save Calle Ocho